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Download Worldbox Mods Premium in 2023

Customize and enhance Worldbox with the ultimate guide to installing Worldbox Mods in 2023 and gain max level in the game right now!

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If you have been living under a rock, Worldbox mod apk is a sandbox god-simulation game where players can create their world like a God with various creating options, watch it grow peacefully, or destroy it to have some fun.


There is always something funnier to experiment with in the game. If you want to enhance your gameplay further, then installing mods would do the work.

Worldbox Mods are not official. They are rather creations of avid programmer nerds who love playing the game and want to introduce, replace or bypass features in the game to improve their experience.

Create Your World – Worldbox Explained in Brief:

Considered one of the best simulation games, it has amassed millions of players and continues to thrive exceptionally.

It’s all due to its unique gameplay mode, which is not found in other simulation games. 

The game mode is simple and similar to other building-simulation games like SimCity BuildIt, City Island 5, which you can download from our website!

Players create their own world, populate it with various animals, humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, demons, dragons, mages, and zombies, and spawn other creatures to make their world interesting.

Your abilities are limitless since you are the God of your world! You have complete authority over who should be left alive or killed. You decide which kingdom grows and which one falls.

You can terrorize the entire world and perish every existing being and turn it into a wasteland or create a fantasy utopia of your own imagination. The possibilities in Worldbox are endless.

Worldbox Mods – Wide Range of Tools for Creativity:

Worldbox mods tools are created by the community to show appreciation and love for the game, which can be used to gain max level. The mods file list is still being determined because they are constantly released, updated, and changed as long as the game stays.

Here is some example of the most popular Worldbox mods right now in 2023:


PowerBox is undoubtedly the greatest mod for Worldbox so far. A free-to-use mod that bestows the players with 20 new epic powers means more fun and challenges to explore in the game!

The mod gives us extra edge players allowing him to get not only 20 new mega powers it also features subjugation. Instead of killing the other civilization, one can subjugate the other by winning the battle.

Along with subjugation, players can also inspect 3 brand-new creatures in the game! It’s not the end. Unlike the original tedious hamburger method, it also makes players enter the debug mode easily.

Players will also have new power traits, spawn powers, 6 new natural disasters, new laws, and so much more!

If you consider yourself a true Worldbox player, you should already have the mod installed. If not, then don’t wait because it’s free!

Industrial Warfare:

Bring the industrial life within Worldbox mod apk, and allow your world to emerge into a completely new age. The age of revolution and industrialization commences in Worldbox!

Enjoy epic pre-modern Napoleonic cinematic warfare where the creatures will have more than pointy spears and shields.

Civilizations will now have industries and factories enabling them to harvest as many resources as provoking the opponent and causing incredible warfare.

The mod features cannons, ship wars, guns, ballistics, missiles, and more to intensify in-game battles. A superweapon cannon that spares none in its path.

Build factories, recruit workers, craft firearms, and bring armageddon to the universe!

If you want to spice up and enjoy battles, installing the Worldbox Industrial Warfare mod is the way!

Are post-medieval-era warfare games your favorite? Give a try to the promising Modern Warships!

Buildings Options:

Do you hate the automatic creating system where it replaces other resources? You don’t have to worry anymore! 

Introducing a brand new building mod that lets you have more control over what buildings should be built and where. Customize and decorate the world the way you precisely want it to be!

Yes, your read it right. It lets you choose between all the buildings, including trees, flowers, and other objects.

Additionally, it features the fantastic White Walkers from Game of Thrones fantasy lore. This mod is essential if you love world-building with Game of Thrones!

Unlock the ultimate game potential by acquiring Worldbox all traits!


Are you looking to expand your world and make its life more diverse than just humans, elves, dwarves, and orcs? Diversity Crate has got you covered!

This mod lets you have three more epic races — Hives, Lizards, and nasty Goblins.

The Hives are a civilized race. They tend to work together and live peacefully with other races except for Goblins.

worldbox mods for mobile

Goblins are greedy creatures always looking to loot their opponents. They hate other races and, in turn, are hated by all.

Lizards are a rather mysterious and self-centered race, busy with their own work and seldom meddle in other affairs. There is a lot of pride in their pointy tails.

This mod is highly recommended if you want to bring some diversity to your world and make it more vibrant.

Do you want to unlock Worldbox achievements for mobile and PC?

SuperTraits Worldbox:

Are you seeking new unique traits for Worldbox? Super Traits is all you will ever need! Introducing brand new traits for you, such as Thor, Virus-X, Wizard, Water Bender, The Flash, Tortured, and many more! 

It is a great trait expansion that allows your characters to be more interesting, giving them buffs, pros, and cons based on the trait. It also features dinosaurs and new ore to mine!

Do you want to know how to unlock Worldbox all traits for Mobile and PC? Click here to learn more!

Family Tree:

Worldbox Family Tree Mod is an amazing mod that lets players make creatures’ families special by giving them hierarchy.

The family tree will allow the chain of the blood of a creature to pass its hierarchy and traits to its descendants. 

The mod also lets you have family rivals, which will cause vendetta between two clans, making it interesting to see rival families rise and fight until the best wins.

The mod is a must-have for those who want love to indulge deep into their world and write stories for their creatures.

Demon Slayer:

Are you a fan of Demon Slayer anime aside from Worldbox? Well, here’s some good news for you! You can finally taste your favorite anime in the game, thanks to the Demon Slayer mod!

worldbox mods powerbox

The Demon Slayer characters are a team of strong characters who hunt Demons and free the world from them. You will be introduced to a quest system based on the anime where the characters will gradually unlock new traits, such as Mizunoto and more,  after completing quests.


Do you want to bring some color and saturate your boring plain creation with rivers? Well, this mod is for you!

In the original game, players will need an outflow for the river to be created, such as a sea or a lake connected to a sea or an ocean. This mod allows the players to create rivers without big water bodies like lakes, oceans, or seas.

WorldBox 3D:

This is basically Worldbox sandbox but in 3D! Yey! Improve your world and have a more realistic experience while playing the game.

worldbox mod apk reddit

You can now watch your creation in 3D, allowing you to have more comprehensive and interesting gameplay. Rotate the camera from different angles and suit your preferences. You can also lock an angle for the camera to make it stationary.

This mod has caught your wishes if you ever dreamed of playing Worldbox in 3D!

How to Install Mods In Worldbox MOD APK?

Installing a Mods file in Worldbox is very simple. Please note that the mods can only be installed on PC and Mac. Unfortunately, you cannot install the mods on iOS or Android devices.

Here are the steps you must follow to install the mods file in the game.

  • Launch Worldbox.
  • Enable the Experimental mode from Settings.
  • Quit the game.
  • Download the following file by pressing the download button below.
  • Move the download file and paste it into the following folder:
  • Run Worldbox.
  • Press M, and make sure that you get the following screen after pressing M in the game.

If there’s no mod in the mod menu, re-do the process accurately.

These are the easy guidelines you can follow to install custom mods in the game. Once you download any, copy and paste it into the folder mentioned above.

There are countless Worldbox mods. You can download mods from the available internet and improve your world.

Join the Largest Modding Community:

Worldbox features a massive community which also includes a modding board! You can join them over the internet and become part of their modding community! There you will find many amazing creative players team publishing new mods and ideas for the game!

worldbox mod traits

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are my mods not working?

Ensure you have downloaded the compatible version of NCMS for your current Worldbox.
Also, note that the mode you are running is also compatible with your Worldbox version.

Why did my game crash after installing the mods?

If your game crashed the second you installed the mods, it is likely that the mod files are corrupt. If not, then you follow the above question’s answer.

How do you spawn Greg?

Go to the settings, and click on the hamburger rapidly until the Debug menu appears. Now click on the Greg option to enable it.
You can alternatively install PowerBox mod, so you don’t need to complete the repetitive hamburger method.

Is android compatible with WorldBox?

Yes, you can play Worldbox mod apk download latest version on android for free!


Worldbox is an epic worldbuilding game that lets the player become a God and have the power to create a new world and enjoy it, either growing or filling it with destruction like dropping atomic bombs, triggering volcanic eruptions, showering acid rain, projecting other natural disasters, and more.

Mods can be used to improve the game and bring new life to the default allowing players to have even more control in the game. From controlling a creature to building certain types of objects in desired locations.

Mods are an essential part of the game, and if you want to create a world more saturated and vibrant, you should start installing mods in Worldbox!

The internet is filled with countless mods. You can easily get you desired one. If you are a nerd, you can make your own mod and upload it on the internet as well!

Let your friends know about this game. Feel free to comment if you have any questions or think anything has to be improved. Have fun playing!


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You are now ready to download  for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properly
  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details
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