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Unlock All Worldbox Achievements Guide 2023

Unlock the full potential of Worldbox and become a gaming legend with our comprehensive guide to unlocking achievements in 2023!

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Worldbox mod apk is a sandbox God simulation game where players take the role of an ultimate God simulator and build their own world from scratch.

Form kingdoms, watch civilizations grow, venture for far continents, conquer new lands or destroy them as it pleases; there are no boundaries!

The game features many options for creating your world, such as painting the map with mountains, oceans, biomes, hills, rivers, lakes, and more. Not only that, but it also features numerous creatures which players can spawn and make their world colorful and vibrant.

The game features a bunch of achievements that can be unlocked in the game after accomplishing certain milestones, such as creating kingdoms for every race, spawning a bunch of demons, or nuking the planet.

Achievements can be earned to fulfill the player’s stats and accomplish themselves as complete players of the game.

If you want to have everything unlocked in the game, this guide will prove useful to you as we have comprehensively explained how you can achieve them.

Unlock WorldBox – God Simulator – Hard Achievements Guide:

Worldbox features many achievements, which can be classified into world, steam, civilization, nature, creature, and other achievements. However, the achievements provide nothing but a sense of fulfillment for those who love playing Worldbox on a daily basis.

Worldbox Achievements Guide – Without Premium:

Here is a list of free achievements and how we get them.

World achievements are those achievements earned through creating custom worlds from the menu. That’s all there is to it.

Worldbox achievements guide

World Achievements:

  • Starter: Generate five custom worlds.
  • Islander: Generate fifty custom worlds.
  • Mainlander: Generate one hundred or more custom worlds.
  • World Builder: Generate a custom world.

Steam Achievements:

The steam workshop is incredible to use. It can be located on the main menu from the bottom of the screen.

All you have to do is click on Steam workshop, then upload world, and there you go. There is no need to write a description if you don’t want to.

The uploading will be done within a few minutes, depending on your internet speed.

  • Life is a Sim: Keep the game open for at least 24 hours in one session.
  • The Builder: Import at least one custom world to the Steam workshop.
  • The Dwarf: Import three or more worlds to the Steam workshop.
  • The Creator: Import five or more worlds to the Steam workshop.
  • The Light: Get at least 1 steam workshop upvote.
  • The Sky: Get at least 2 steam workshop upvotes.
  • The Land: Get at least 3 steam workshop upvotes.
  • The Sun: Get at least 4 steam workshop upvotes.
  • The Moon: Get at least 5 steam workshop upvotes.
  • The Living: Get at least 6 steam workshop upvotes.
  • The Rest Day: Get at least 7 steam workshop upvotes.
  • Love: Paint a heart with a biome. You can find the heart option from the “Other Various Powers” options on the power selection screen.
Worldbox achievements the demon

Civilization Achievements:

  • King of Kings: Find a King with 20 or more traits without using a trait editor.
    Using the trait editor makes the creature scarred and thus not eligible for the King of Kings or any other achievement.

    Make sure that you use your trait editor wisely. Even though this achievement might take time, you can download a world that already has it from the Steam workshop.
  • Middle-Earth: At least one village must exist for each of the four races (human, orc, elf, dwarf).
  • Megapolis: Secure a city with at least 200 human population or more. You can easily achieve it by spawning 200 humans!

Creature Achievements:

  • Place 10,000 creatures: Spawn at least 10,000 creatures in a single word. If you don’t want to hurt your fingers, install an auto-clicker.
  • The Accomplished: Locate an unscarred unit with king slayer, dragon slayer, mage slayer, and veterans. You can achieve this using the trait editor on a powerful unit and weaken the victim (i.e., king, dragon, mage, etc.).
  • Worldbox Achievements The Demon: Find an unscarred demon with at least 10 traits
  • The Broken: Find an unscarred unit with crippled, one-eyed, and skin burns. To achieve this, use a powerful unit and force it to get crippled and become one-eyed as it fights other creatures, which will randomly happen. Use fire to give it the skin burn trait. Ensure to use the blood rain to heal it so it does not die.
  • Planet of Apes: Create a jungle world with at least 100 monkeys.
  • Super Worldbox Achievements Mushroom: Enhance mushroom in to Super Mushroom zombies with “Powerup” under “Other Various Powers”.
  • The Princess: Use the Divine Bless power on a frog
  • Greg: Enable the Greg option in the debug menu and wait for Greg to spawn eventually.
  • Ninja Turtle: To unlock Ninja Turtle achievement, inspect a turtle with level 10. You can level up a turtle by buffing it up with shield, bless, coffee, madness, and other power-up options.
  • Moisturize Me!: Swarm the land biome with piranhas.
  • Sacrifice: Spawn a sheep in volcano lava.
  • Ant World: Have the ten Ants race spawned in your world.
Worldbox achievements the hell

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Destruction Achievements:

  • World War: Turn 10 different realms on each other and have war. To do this, create your own world with ten groups of races spawned at different locations, recommended enclosed or an island, so they don’t join with other races. Have at least 10 realms at war
  • The Hell: To unlock the Hell achievement, create a world with an infernal biome dominated by a large number of demons.
  • Let’s Not: Turn most of your created world into a massive wasteland. This can be achieved using acid rain or drop nukes all over the world until everything perishes but the land.
  • 1,000 Bombs: Detonate 1,000 bombs. Use auto-clicker if you don’t have the energy to click on the screen constantly.
  • Last Resort: Using “Atomic Bomb” on gray goo tiles gets you this achievement.
  • Don’t Try This at Home: Try “Heat Ray” on TNT.
  • Move It!: Use “Lightning” on God Finger from the creatures menu to gain it.
  • Great Plague: Spread the plague using the plague option from the natural disasters menu and have at least one thousand of the population infected.
  • Lava Strike: Use “Lightning” on flowing lava.

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Worldbox achievements tornado

Nature Achievements:

  • Worldbox Achievements Touch the Grass: Use the finger tool on a grass biome on it.
  • Worldbox Achievements Tornado: Curse a tornado so that it grows until it reaches its maximum size by using the “curse” power.
  • Baby Tornado: Form a tornado from natural disasters option and zap it with lightning to split it. Keep striking it until the tornado spits, and you get the achievement.

Other Achievements:

  • Destroy Worldbox Achievements: Spam clicks on the Worldbox logo from the menu until all the letters fall down. The menu is found in the news menu from the Other Various Different Powers option.
  • Last Resort: Detonate a bunch of atomic bombs on a Grey Goo biome.
  • Traits Explorer: Find at least 20 or more traits.
  • Great Traits Explorer: Find at least 40 or more traits.
  • Super Traits Explorer: Find at least 70 or more traits.
  • The Corrupted Trees: Select the 6 trees at the top under the world laws menu. Place the trees in order (1, 6, 2, 5, 3, 4). This is mandatory. It will require restarting the game if done otherwise.
  • God Mode: Enable the developer mode from the menu.

    To do this, head to the main menu and click on settings. You will see another Settings menu from the prompted window. You will find a hamburger icon on the top left of the menu. Spam 11 or more clicks on the item until the developer’s menu appears.
  • Find Wilhelm: Select the human farmer from the menu.
  • Burger: Random icons appear on the menu. To achieve Burger achievement, you will randomly find the Burger icon and repeat the same process of clicking 11 times.
  • The Pie: Select the pie from the menu. Go to the save option from the menu, and you will find the pie. Clicking on the pie will drop it. Repeat this process until you get the achievement.

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Winding it Up:

Worldbox is one of the best simulation games with its simplistic yet dynamic world-building mechanics where there’s only fun you can find.

The sandbox game features tons of achievements that can be gained by following our Worldbox Achievement guide explained above. If you feel any achievement is not included or missing any vital information, let’s know in the comment section, and we will try our best to fix it. 

Let your friends know about this game. Feel free to comment on the game if you have any questions or think anything has to be improved. We would appreciate your feedback. Have fun playing!


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