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Summoners War Codes 2023 April – Free Scrolls/Mana/Energy

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Are you an avid Summoners War player? If yes, you probably know the game offers tons of amazing content.

summoners war codes 2023
Summoners War Codes 2023 April - Free Scrolls/Mana/Energy

Summoners War is a fantastic turn-based RPG game that lets the player train a squad of monsters and mythical creatures and lead them to victory by fighting against real players across the world in real time!

One of the most incredible aspects of this game is that the developers reward the players through Summoners War codes 2023.

What are Summoners War Chronicles Codes?

Codes in Summoners War refer to promotional codes that players can redeem in order to obtain in-game rewards, such as crystals, energy, or summoning scrolls, which are in-game rewards.

It is common for the developers of the game to release these codes during public events such as game updates, special events, and collaborations with other companies on various occasions.

Summoners War codes Reddit
Summoners War Codes 2023 April - Free Scrolls/Mana/Energy

In order to redeem a code, all you have to do is enter a specific code into the game’s “Event” section and then press “Redeem”.

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How to redeem Summoners War codes?

If you still cannot figure out how to avail of a Summoners War code in the game, then follow the steps below carefully to get successful results:

  • Launch the game.
  • On the main screen, click on the “Events” button situated on the right side of your screen.
  • Now click or tap on “Game Guide” tab.
Summoners War Chronicles codes
Summoners War Codes 2023 April - Free Scrolls/Mana/Energy
  • As you hold and drag your finger down to scroll, you will find the codes section.
  • Now enter the code from the list below and redeem it to enjoy the rewards for free!

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Summoners War Codes April 2023 — Active:

These Summoner War Codes are currently working in the game:

  • sw2023jae6s—Claim to get 100 Energy and a Mystic Scroll
  • SW2023FEV2U—Claim to get 100k Gems and a Mystic Scroll
  • SW2023APJ3M—Claim to get Scrolls and Energy
  • SW2023MRP4M—Claim to get a Mystic Scroll and 50 Energy

If any of the codes abovementioned does not work, then make sure that you have entered exactly the same code from the list. Copy and paste the code instead of typing it to avoid spelling mistakes.

If the code still does not work, it is likely the code you entered is invalid or has expired. In that case, feel free to let us know in the comments, and we will verify the information as soon as possible.

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Summoners War Codes April 2023 — Inactive:

These codes are expired Summoners War codes that will never work in the game, regardless of how many times you enter them:

  • SW2020OCT71—Claim to get rewards
  • sw2022feb65—Claim to get rewards
  • 20challengethewrld21—Claim to get rewards
  • CUATWORLDS20—Claim to get rewards
  • APACJUBJUB—Claim to get rewards
  • whosnext21americas—Claim to get rewards
  • sw2022jan97—Claim to get rewards
  • sw2021jun69—Claim to get1 Mystical Scroll
  • summoningathome—Claim to get 1 Mystical Scroll
  • sweetcookie—Claim to get 3 Mystical Scrolls
  • SEAAUDAY20K—Claim to get rewards
  • NOVEMBER1ST—Claim to get rewards
  • HAPPYLTS14—Claim to get rewards
  • SWC2020AINI—Claim to get rewards
  • SW2021OCT01—Claim to get rewards
  • SWC20FINAAALE—Claim to get rewards
  • gogo7thannitour—Claim to get rewards
  • SW2020NOV64—Claim to get rewards
  • SWC20207777—Claim to get rewards
  • SUMMONFIGHTER—Claim to get rewards
  • SW2021NOV12—Claim to get rewards
  • nextupapac20—Claim to get rewards
  • APACSWCREADY—Claim to get rewards
  • 1jl9yck39wa6jzbz—Claim to get 1 Mystical Scroll
  • legendss17sea—Claim to get rewards
  • JERKANWF—Claim to get rewards
  • MEGASWC2020—Claim to get rewards
  • ltisbacks17—Claim to get200K Mana and 1 Mystical Scroll
  • BISHENGSWC—Claim to get rewards
  • SW2022OCT34—Claim to get rewards
  • SW2021DEC23—Claim to get rewards
  • letsgoswc22—Claim to get 1 Mystical Scroll
  • SWCHRISTMAS—Claim to get rewards
  • NIHAOSWC2020—Claim to get rewards
  • POBKANEUCUP—Claim to get rewards
  • apacnextrd4war—Claim to get rewards
  • swxmomstouch—Claim to get rewards
  • SWCWILLBBACK—Claim to get rewards
  • cuatswc21—Claim to get100 Energy, 1 Water Scroll, 1 Fire Scroll, and 1 Mystical Scroll
  • 2GETHERSWC2020—Claim to get rewards
  • APACCUPOCT22CYA—Claim to get rewards
  • NAZOUBUXIE—Claim to get rewards
  • HAPPYNEWLT20—Claim to get rewards
  • ALWYS2GETHER—Claim to get rewards
  • SWC20FINAAALE—Claim to get rewards
  • sw7thtk887—Claim to get1 Fire Scroll
  • sw2022nov25—Claim to get 50 Summoning Stones
  • SWXMOMSTOUCH—Claim to get rewards
  • swplay2gether—Claim to get rewards
  • MERRYLT19—Claim to get rewards
  • RAKNASWC2022—Claim to get rewards
  • SW2020DEC89—Claim to get 3 Mystical Scroll
  • sw2021apr47— Claim to get one Mystical Scroll
  • LAOTIE666—Claim to get rewards
  • ROCKWITHSWC2021—Claim to get rewards
  • 2020XIEXIESWC—Claim to get rewards
  • NIHAOSWC2020—Claim to get rewards
  • LETSWATCHLT14—Claim to get rewards
  • KEEPSUMMONING22—Claim to get rewards
  • SWC20ENFORCE—Claim to get rewards
  • SHOBUAPAC20—Claim to get rewards
  • 1008NYCAMERICAS—Claim to get 10 Scrolls and Gems
  • PERFECTPICKANYONE—Claim to get rewards
  • 2020TOURNOISWC—Claim to get rewards

Tips for Getting Summoners War Codes:

If you want to get the latest Summoners War codes and redeem them as soon as possible, then follow these tips below to help yourself:

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Follow Summoners War on Social Media:

One of the easiest ways to get the latest codes for yourself is to follow Summoners War official social media accounts.

Follow the game’s developers’ account as well as they will decide when and what type of code will be released. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are among the social media accounts you can follow.

Check Out Special Events:

Another way to stay up to date with the newest promo codes for the game is to watch out for special events.

As on these events, the developers not only release new codes but also hold some giveaway events in which you can participate to earn exclusive rewards!

Sign Up for Newsletters:

Furthermore, you can stay informed about Summoners War codes as you sign up for their newsletters. As you do that, you will start getting regular updates and notifications from the game, including promo codes as well!

Join Online Communities:

If checking out email is not your thing, you can join online communities dedicated to Summoners War Codes Reddit, Discord servers, forums, Facebook groups, Telegram chats, and others.

Joining these communities can help you stay informed about the latest game news and get tips and tricks from other players, including where to find promo codes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How often are Summoners War codes released?

Summoners War codes are released by the game’s developers on various occasions, such as game updates, special events, and collaborations with other companies.

Is there a reward for Summoners War codes?

Summoners War codes can give players rewards such as crystals, energy, and summoning scrolls.

Where can I redeem Summoners War codes?

You can redeem Summoners War codes by going to the event icon in the game

Are the promo codes forever?

It depends on the type of code as some code expires within 24 hours while other remain for a day or two but not longer as the codes expire very soon, so the new codes are released. As for the rewards, the rewards you gain are permanent.


With Summoners War codes, you can earn free rewards in the game. Using these tips and tricks, beginners can increase their chances of getting promo codes and redeeming them for valuable rewards.

Keep updated with the game’s official social media channels, participate in special events, subscribe to newsletters, and join online communities to stay informed.

If you cannot get the time to follow the tips and tricks, the least you can do is bookmark this page and revisit whenever possible, as we release codes as soon as we get them!


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