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Stumble Guys vs Fall Guys – Which is Better in 2023?

Do you know which party royale is better than the other? Find out all the differences and similarities between Stumble Guys vs Fall Guys!

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Fall Guys or Stumble Guys? This question has been echoing since these battle royales have taken the internet to storm.

With Kitka Games publishing Stumble Guys a few months after Mediatonic released its unique party battle royale Fall Guys, it has only caused confusion among the players to choose the right one.

stumble guys vs fall guys

Well, not anymore; today, we will explain which game is better for you. Should you either fall or stumble? That’s what you will find here today.

Stumble Guys vs Fall Guys — Are They the Same Game?

Are they literally the same game? True, but also not true. 

Whether they are, two sides of the same coin or either of them is a blatant copy of the other, except for their name. There’s no exact answer to what the title suggests since both games are similar in one aspect but different in the other.

Here we will note down all the differences and similarities between the two mighty titles and then provide an authentic conclusion to the answer. So tight your seat belts, and let’s dive.

Fall Guys vs Stumble Guys — How Did it Begin?

Why is Stumble Guys on track if Fall Guys were released prior to that? There are some reasons for that.

It’s no doubt that when Fall Guys were released during the epidemic, people saw it as a time-killer where they could play funny mini-games with their friends. It was no less than a messiah back then.

However, when Stumble Guys were released in early 2021, its popularity eventually skyrocketed thanks to its free-to-play system, which Fall Guys lacked.

is stumble guys a copy of fall guys

Another reason to Stumble Guys’ resurgence was that Fall Guys was not on Mobile, so the party royale had to be on Mobile, where people could carry their devices anywhere they liked and start playing it; that’s what got Stumble Guys’ majority of the player base.

The similarities and differences between Stumble Guys and Fall Guys are noticeable, and below we have explained all of them in detail.

Differences Between Stumble Guys vs Fall Guys:

Availability on Different Platforms:

While these games look the same as twin brothers, they are actually available on different devices.

The elder one, Fall Guys is a game by Epic Games which was released in late August 2020 specifically for PC, Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. There’s also a mobile version of the Fall Guys but only playable in China.

is stumble guys more popular than fall guys

On the other hand, Stumble Guys is particularly found on Mobile, where it has found almost all of its audience. It’s one of the major reasons why Stumble Guys grasped massive huge popularity in the midst of the pandemic.

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Players and Match Length:

Another difference between these party royale games is the player count and match length.

A Fall Guys round starts with 60 players and 5 rounds. Each round takes 5 – 8 minutes for all players to advance to the next round. So it takes approximately 30 minutes for a game to complete in Fall Guys.

Fall Guys Steam

Whereas in Stumble Guys, the game starts with 5 to 10 rounds depending on the stage. In contrast to Fall Guys, it takes 2 to 3 minutes for a round to complete and 15 in total for a game to declare a winner. This makes Stumble Guys a great choice for those who prioritize rather a fast-paced games.

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In-Game Graphics:

Even though there’s no significant major difference in the graphics, there are some distinctive details to note down in both battle royale games.

Both Fall Guys and Stumble Guys are in 3D and HD graphics and feature very aesthetic and colorful maps and cute characters.

fall guys vs stumble guys reddit

If there’s any difference in the graphics, it’s just that Fall Guys is a PC and console game as well. It has more impoverished graphics and high-scale texture, making it even more appealing to the user, but it also consumes a huge amount of memory.

On the other hand, Stumble Guys’ graphics are also top-notch for a mobile title which is plenty for any mobile gamer.


Competition is found in both games, but if we talk about more in-depth competition Fall Guys and Stumble Guys are significantly different in this case.

Fall Guys games are usually considered more competitive as the matches are much longer and involve more players to deal with, and large maps mean more obstacles to dodge and cover.

Fall Guys requires more attention and accuracy compared to Stumble Guys, where the character can easily be controlled on the touchscreen.

It does not mean there’s no competition in Stumble Guys. Unlike its cross-platformer counterpart, Stumble Guys actually host regular events, tournaments, and daily challenges where you will meet professional players who are much better at the game.

With that said, competition is profound in both casual games, but they are offered in a slightly different ways.

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Similarities Between Stumble Guys and Fall Guys:

Same Game Mode Objective:

Differences between the two are notable but not significant.

If there’s anything that will always bind these games onto common ground, it’s undoubtedly the gameplay objective. Both of the games follow a similar gameplay pattern — battle royale game mode, which is the game’s main objective.

In both games, Stumble Guys and Fall Guys, the players are required to compete through different levels and stages and advance to the final round, and eventually win the game.

who made stumble guys

Players will have to use their mobility, creativity, and prowess to overcome obstacles, hinder other players by either grabbing them or blocking them, and ultimately become the last man standing.

The player count in a match reduces whenever a round ends. 

For example, the game starts with 32 players in Stumble Guys and 60 players in Fall Guys, respectively. After the round ends, the player counts halves in both games, and it goes on until only one player survives and is declared the winner.

Play for Free:

Another yet extremely appreciated similarity between these games is that both of them are absolutely free to play. 

Stumble Guys has always been free since its dawn and still continues. 

Although, the story was not the same for Fall Guys until in mid-2022 when Epic Games, which acquired its right, announced the game would be free-to-play in the future. Players can install the game for free on any platform where it’s playable (PC, Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo).

The Battle Pass:

Despite the fact that they are free-to-play, both games involve micro-transactions where players can purchase virtual items and unlock premium features in the game, such as costumes, skins, and the battle pass.

The Battle Pass is like a VIP membership that lets you unlock rare customs, skins, and other exclusive items in the game while playing in the game and gaining XP.

Similar Stages:

There are at least 20 maps found in Stumble Guys and up to 67 maps in Fall Guys. Many maps in Fall Guys are found in the Stumble Guys and are mostly similar in all aspects.

fall guys vs stumble guys lawsuit

Maps like Stumble Soccer, Cannon Climb, Hex-A-Gone, Fall Mountain, and Honey Drop are pure examples of similar mini-games found in both games.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I play Stumble Guys on PC?

Yes, you can play the game using a mobile Emulator on your computer,s such as BlueStacks or Gameloop, and install the game from Google Play Store.

Did Stumble Guys come first or Fall Guys?

Fall Guys was released on 24th August 2020, whereas Stumble Guys was released on January 2021.

Why is Stumble Guys popular?

Because Stumble Guys is popular because it’s a much shorter, simpler, and more fast-paced game.

Is Fall Guys more popular than Stumble Guys?

Both are famous on their respective platforms. Fall Guys is more popular than Stumble Guys on PC, Xbox, Nintendo, and Playstation. Whereas Stumble Guys is a more popular choice for Mobile than the former.

Which country developed Stumble Guys?

Stumble Guys is developed by a Finnish company known as Kitka Games.

Is Fall Guys and Stumble Guys the same?

There are many similarities and differences between the two. You can choose which is the best one for you by reading our explanation above. The main similarity between Stumble Guys and Fall Guys is that both games are battle royale and can be played for free.

The main difference found in Fall Guys and Stumble Guys is that they are not available on the same platforms.

Is Fall Guys on Mobile?

Yes, Fall Guys is on Mobile, but only for China.

Wrapping it Up:

The choice between Stumble Guys and Fall Guys is difficult. The answer lies in what you like more. 

The levels of Stumble Guys are much smaller and easier. If you love casual a game with more simplicity, easy to play, and fun, and are comprised of shorter and fast-paced game modes, then Stumble Guys is your choice.

However, if you are looking for more of a competitive edge, detailed graphics, and to play with more players and maps, then Fall Guys are the way!

Whichever your game might choose, the fun is guaranteed, and the time spent is one hundred percent worth it!

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Let your friends know about this game. Feel free to comment if you have any questions or think anything has to be improved. Have fun playing!


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