State of Survival Mod Apk v1.16.50 Unlimited Money/Mod Menu 2022

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State of Survival Mod Apk


GameState of Survival Mod Apk
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/BioCaps/No Skill CD
PublisherFunplus international
Compatible with4.1 and above
Last update4 days ago
PriceFree to Play
Google Play LinkState of Survival: Zombie War

Game Overview

Strategy game titles like Boom Beach and Clash of Clans are the most played in the recent decade. If you love similar games where you build bases, defend them from attackers and raid others’ bases, the State of Survival mod apk will be the best alternative!

In The State of Survival:

The zombie holocaust has erupted for six months and still happens to continue. Septicaemia has turned ordinary human beings into voracious zombies. During this period, the planet has been filled with trepidation, horror, survival, and zombie-fighting.

Build yourself a survival camp to survive inconstant hordes of zombies. Transpire into this State of Survival blackmod! Prepare yourself for ceaseless warfare!

state of survival mod menu
State of Survival Mod Apk v1.16.50 Unlimited Money/Mod Menu 2022

It is a new planet out there. An innovative zombie survival multiplayer! Build your base, and create your own tale to tell. Plant bombs and explode zombies, or shoot them down in the State of Survival. 

The zombies are not your only enemies. There are greedy players lurking and seeking to loot your resources. It is time to fortify your defences and protect your resources. It is time to train an elite force and raid enemy bases!

State of Survival MOD APK Features:

The State of Survival mod apk unlimited money,gems,biocaps 2022 features unique content that you can enjoy. Like unlimited bio cups, unlimited money, unlimited stamina, no CD while using skill, and so. Using it, you will enjoy the game at its maximum!

Listed below are the features of State of Survival are:

  • Unlimited BioCaps
  • Unlimited Stamina/Energy
  • Unlimited Food
  • Free VIP Store
  • No Cooldown on Skill

State of Survival Game plot:

Test Your Survival Instincts!

The infection has overrun your homeland, with zombies devouring all the remaining life. The time of survival is upon your head as the coward and craven military has escaped the country with all the resources. There is none that can put an end to this misery and infection. It belongs to the dead now. 

The time has come when you realise that you must build yourself and your friends a shelter in order to survive this apocalypse. The zombie influx is expanding rapidly, and the remaining people hope for a saviour! 

state of survival best heroes
State of Survival Mod Apk v1.16.50 Unlimited Money/Mod Menu 2022

In this journey of terror, you can befriend others or make rivals against other fighters. Hunt down the zombies with an epic FPS mode. Death is nigh, so battle against zombies as you build your elite force! 

Attempt to survive this horrendous war in any way you can. This is not a common challenge. The infection is escalating rapidly. Food and metal are scarce. Make use of everything you have or loot other survivors to save your own life and preserve your base.

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Build Your Survival Camp:

As the craven country’s military is absent, you must construct a safe haven for your survivor army and lay the groundwork for a post-apocalyptic world of zombies. Put your survival instincts to test in the State of Survival mod apk unlimited everything latest version

Shoot the walking dead back to their graves. There is no time to escape but to fight only to survive. You must stop the invasion and survive as much as you possibly can! 

state of survival mod apk (unlimited money and gold)
State of Survival Mod Apk v1.16.50 Unlimited Money/Mod Menu 2022

Rescue Your Allies From Zombies:

In this horrific situation of the apocalypse, you will find a lot of helpless survivors trapped in the middle of a crowd of zombies, breathing their last air. Save them and take them to your safe haven. Train them to fight for you and strengthen your numbers. 

Rescue rare heroes and discover their unique abilities as they tend to be much more helpful to help you in putting an end to this plague. Rare and epic heroes will have unique abilities that can be capable of executing several enemies at one below. Rain down all the ammunition you have! It is bullet time!

Research New Skills and Technologies:

In the State of Survival mod menu android 1, zombies’ disease and infection are spreading faster than estimated.  As the leader of the survivors, you must learn all the rules of survival and try to comprehend all techniques to overcome zombies. 

If you know the skill of overcoming and controlling the plague, you ultimately become the master of the planet. There’s a neverending war for the throne and survival. Can you overcome and conquer both?

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Make Alliances to Strengthen Your Force:

You cannot do this all alone. You need more survivors. Establish your alliance with other survivors, and become partners of survival in this terrific land of zombies. Do together whatever it takes to halt the wild hordes of revenant zombies.

Enjoin your armies with others to unleash an untouchable and invincible force and wipe everyone in your way like smooth as silk. Your and your friends’ lives dangle on the string of hope. Prepare for the ultimate madness and wilderness!

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state of survival mod apk unlimited biocaps
State of Survival Mod Apk v1.16.50 Unlimited Money/Mod Menu 2022

Pen Down the History of Mankind

The world of State of Survival mod apk free shopping has transferred into something different. Pen down the next generation’s rules for survival as you defeat the wild zombie’s invasion. This is a zombie survival multiplayer strategy game. 

It is different from other zombie games you played before in your lifetime. Here you have to build your headquarters and military base to protect your survivors and resources from zombies and other rapacious players. 

Why Should You Play It?

In any case, it goes without saying. Despite its unique gameplay, it gives you a unique experience of the zombie wilderness. Download State of Survival mod apk latest modded version right now to enjoy all these fantastic features and emerge into the mad planet of the walking dead zombies!

Tips for Longer Survival:

  • As soon as you enter the game, the best option is to play the storyline because it gives you a lot of resources, fragments and XP’s, which can help you a lot in growing your base rapidly.
  • Join an active alliance. By active, I mean really active, not a dead guild. An active alliance gives you a bonus hand in completing missions or conducting raids on other players. The same goes for defending your base when it’s attacked.
  • Make sure to upgrade your buildings before you log out of the game. I mean, yeah, you do not have to wait for ages on your screen to upgrade your buildings. Your building upgrade will keep on even if you log out, so make use of it!
  • Before you upgrade your HQ or Headquarters, upgrade all the barracks, training camps and reproduction buildings.

Installation Instructions for PC:

  1. Install a Mobile Emulator on your PC Bluestacks 4, for example.
  2. Click the installation options, which are indicated by three dots on the home screen.
  3. Now click on the ‘install apk’ button.
  4. It will ask you to open the download .apk file from yours.
  5. Install the game after opening the .apk file and enjoy playing in it!

Installation Instructions for Android:

  1. Download State of Survival mod apk unlimited biocaps ios file by tapping on the download button. 
  2. The downloading will start in a few seconds; meanwhile, you go to your settings and enable installation from unknown sources. 
  3. Once the downloading has finished, open the downloaded application file (.apk) by tapping on it and licking install. 
  4. The game will be installed in a few minutes. Then you can start the game to play it. 
  5. Enjoy finally! 

State of Survival FAQs:

The file is 142MB in size. An Android device running version 4.1 or higher can use it.

While offline, you can play the storyline mode, but to play with other players or make alliances, you must connect to the internet first.

Absolutely yes, follow our installation instructions properly to play this game on your PC!

An Overview:

This is the best zombie survival strategy game that has included some elements from MMORPG, making it even further enjoyable. Veteran players of Clash of Clans, Rise of Kingdoms, or even Boom Beach will love to play an alternative game of it. Download State of Survival mod apk to enjoy the epic zombie nightmare world.

Share this with your friends. If you have any questions regarding the game or if we need to make any improvements, please leave a comment on our website. Your feedback will be appreciated. Enjoy the game!

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