Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Mod Apk v-1.0.10 Unlimited Money/Max Level 2022

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shadow fight 2 special edition mod apk


GameShadow Fight 2 Special Edition MOD APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Energy/Money/Max Level
Compatible with4.1+
Last update4 days ago
PriceFree to Play
Google Play LinkShadow Fight 2 Special Edition

Game Overview

Almost every gamer is familiar with fighting games. A veteran gamer may know that fighting games have been there for decades, and still, many people are thrilled about it. There are countless action-fighting games found on the internet. Since the fighting genre has gathered a massive audience, it has made its way even into the mobile genre!

shadow fight 2 special edition mod apk 2022
Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Mod Apk v-1.0.10 Unlimited Money/Max Level 2022

Among the famous fighting games on Android, one of them is Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition mod apk. If you have played fighting games on android, you probably know about the Shadow Fighting series, which is the most popular fighting game on android. 

This game is loved due to its soothing visuals, animations, sounds, controls, and graphics which is what makes this game so unique and satisfying to spend time on. Furthermore, the game is extremely challenging, testing all your skills in the fighting ground. It forces you to use various strategies and learn new combos to tackle your undisputed opponents.

Features of Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Mod APK:

Smooth animations and breathless gameplay are the most charming aspects of this game. All of Shadow fight 2 special edition mod apk all weapons unlocked and unlimited money 2022 characters are shadowy figures; the animation and visuals of the character are extremely well-done, making you feel that you are actually a martial artist. 

  • Unlimited Resources
  • Unlimited Energy
  • Free to Play Now!

Unlimited Resources:

As you enjoy your time in-game, you will realize that you will need powerful weapons, learn new combos, and upgrade your character to beat opponent bosses. Furthermore, you will need to unlock magic abilities which will make it easier for you to fight magical bosses.

If you want to upgrade your weapons or unlock all abilities, then download the mod version, which gives you unlimited resources such as coins and gems to unlock and upgrade your weapons, armor, and skills!

Unlimited Energy:

So what is the point of Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition enchantment being paid to be installed? Well, we here provide you with a modified version that lets you play the game without paying for it. And this paid game which you get free from us, will give you unlimited energy, as your energy is needed to fight but not anymore in this special edition!

Free to Play:

You must buy the game in Play Store in order to play it; however, from the mod version here you install, you will be able to play the game for free!

shadow fight 2 special edition mod apk max level 52
Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Mod Apk v-1.0.10 Unlimited Money/Max Level 2022

The Ultimate Brawl Frenzy:

The action genre is the most popular and played genre than any other gaming category. The action games are further divided into sub-categories. Among them is the fighting category, which has been dominating the android gaming industry to date. Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition apk has contributed a lot to the fighting category in android as it has amassed millions of active players that play the game every day!

You will not find a better fighting game on your mobile than this one. It lets you have the freedom of experience and introduce your own combos using your intelligence and creative skills to subdue your opponents. Additionally, you can upgrade and strengthen your character with weapons, magical abilities, and armour.

This installment comes with what everyone loves, and that is unlimited energy! Yes, now you can play the game nonstop without waiting for the energy to refill. It lets you enjoy the game and explore the intriguing story without any interference! 

Do you want to continue the epic tale of the shadow, then download “Shadow Fight 3 mod apk” right now and enjoy a whole new story with epic new champions and worlds!

Fight Evil Shadow Warriors!

In Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition mod apk unlimited money and max level, you will experience the fighting game genre to another whole level as the opponents and your characters are nonother than shadowy figures. You will need to beat evil shadows that will stop your journey from overthrowing evil bosses. Some bosses are easy to subdue, while others are untouchable, forcing you to use new creative ways to annihilate your enemies.

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Titan mod apk
Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Mod Apk v-1.0.10 Unlimited Money/Max Level 2022

If you have played the former installment, Shadow Fight 2, then you are pretty familiar with every feature of this game. You can equip your shadow with lethal weapons like the shurikens, brass knuckles, knives, daggers, samurai swords, spears, maces, hooks, staffs, and many more to tear apart your enemy. From within! You can upgrade your weapons and armors to make your weapons even more powerful and unlock new combos!

Intriguing Story and Tons of Weapons!

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition latest version 2022 lets you enjoy a very tempting and thrilling story designed in a unique world with well-made character backgrounds giving you a better insight into the lore so that you enjoy your time while completing the missions. 

You will meet Titans who are immensely powerful and more difficult to kill than normal. You will need to learn a lot of new skills and combos to tackle strong Titans. So show what you have learned and subdue your enemies within a blink! With this special edition, new sub-quests are added, which you can discover and continue the story further!

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Mod APK Unlimited everything and Max level 99
Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Mod Apk v-1.0.10 Unlimited Money/Max Level 2022

 Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition home lets you choose between different fighting styles. You can create your own combo with complicated movements. Furthermore, you can gear up your shadow with epic weapons that can be useful for eliminating ninjas, ghosts, or all sorts of enemies that are beyond your fist reach.

There are tons of weapons you can use, such as the Sting, Grim Scythe, Axes, Steel Claws, Sapphire Fang, Ninja Sword, Butterfly Swords, and many more! You can also unlock magical abilities, which you can unleash in mid-game to give you a blow against your enemy.

Installation Guidelines for PC:

  1. Install Bluestacks 4, for example, as a mobile emulator for your PC.
  2. From the home screen, click on the three dots that indicate installation options.
  3. Then click the ‘install apk’ button.
  4. This will prompt you to open the .apk file you’ve just downloaded.
  5. After you open the .apk file, you can install the game and enjoy it!

Installation Guidelines for Android:

  1. Download Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition mod apk by tapping on the download button. 
  2. The download will begin within a few seconds; meanwhile, you should enable installation from unknown sources in your settings.
  3. Upon completion of the download, open the .apk file by tapping it and choosing install.
  4. A few minutes from now, the game will be installed. When it’s ready, you can start playing. 
  5. Enjoy finally!


In this special edition, you get a whole new story and new bosses, weapons, and locations!

The best choice of pro SF2 players recommends Flame Clubs, Claws or Sickles, Lynx’s Claws, or even Pnuemo Fists can be a nice choice.

The heralds are best on the side as their fighting style is easier and delivers most damage.

Let your friends know about this game. Feel free to leave us a comment on the game if you have any questions and if you think anything has to be improved. We would appreciate your feedback. Have fun playing!

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