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Top 7 Relaxing Games for Android to Tune You Up In 2023!

Had a rough day at work and wanna relieve some stress? Here are the Top 7 relaxing games for Android, that will give you a brief relief from stress.

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It is evident that many people play video games for the excitement that the game arouses. When we talk about video games, people usually think of action, shooting, and fighting games like Call of Duty, PUBG, Tekken, or GTA. 

Although these games are famous for their uniqueness, there are some games that everyone would love to play in their leisure time or to relax after a tough day at work or school. Relaxing games are often identified as games that bring you the chill not through shooting but through their graphics, atmosphere, characters, and music.

Chill games have simple anatomy to be identified. It is usually not hampered by time limits or energy systems that other games ask you for. Moreover, players have unlimited chances to solve a puzzle or achieve an objective.

The score in the game hardly contributes to the objective, while the game runs smoothly and slowly. Some games even include a separate chill mode where you can be relaxed without any interruptions and challenges in the game. You may be shaking your head and thinking of such games; if you want to know the most favorite relaxing games on android, then you are at the right place!

Top 7 Relaxing Games for Android:

Mobile games have so much excitement and adventure, but they can also be a great way to relax after a hectic day at work. Below are the top seven free relaxing mobile games for android, which you can play to relax!

  • Happy Mall Story
  • Hill Climb Racing
  • Block Craft 3D
  • Traffic Rider
  • Golf Peaks
  • Smash Hit
  • Alto’s Adventure

7. Happy Mall Story:

The premise of Happy Mall Story is simple. You build your shopping mall from scratch and turn it into a famous plaza in the city. You will gradually grow your shopping mall as you build more shops inside it, add more workers, build more floors and decorate it thoroughly to attract more customers and generate revenue for your shopping to make it even bigger!

The game has few to no challenges! The game is relaxing and pleasing to the eyes thanks to its simple objectives, cute characters, high-quality 2D graphics, and chilly music in the background. Already millions have fallen in love with it, and you will too! If you’re interested in playing the game, then for what are you delaying?

happy mapp story

6. Hill Climb Racing:

Hill Climb Racing is no doubt one of the favorite racing games of mobile gamers! Thanks to ultra-simplistic gameplay objectives, the game has managed to strive today with unstoppable growing popularity ever since.

Commence your game with a buggy, collect the coins while you travel, and climb through the hills. Be careful, as the game might feel challenging initially, but once you get used to its mechanics, it will become your favorite companion during stressful moments.

Unlock more than fifty vehicles, such as cars, bikes, trucks, ambulances, buses, tanks, rockets, and many more! The game contains tons of maps that you can try out! Thanks to its aesthetic map music, you can climb the mountains and hills while enjoying your stay! Take advantage of the free download now!

hill climb racing

5. Block Craft 3D:

Forget about Hill Climb Racing if you are more interested in creating games with no objectives or limits. It’s just you and your world! Unleash your creativity in this epic block crafting game, where you will build structures and beautiful towns without limitations. 

Collect resources on the map, build houses, attract new settlers and grow your village! Visit your friend’s village and share ideas together. Decorate your village with beautiful gardens, animals, and structures. 

This game is a great alternative to Minecraft or even better since Block Craft 3D, a game with HD graphics, is all about building blocks and turning them into amazing structures. Download the game now and improve your creativity with this epic game, where you will feel relaxed and do whatever you wish!

Block Craft 3D

4. Traffic Rider:

Traffic Rider is one of the most appreciated games on android of all time. A free-to-play bike racing game where you will ride on a highway and dodge insane traffic to accomplish your objective in a said time. Thanks to its HD graphics which have captivated zillions over the globe!

The game features tons of HD bikes, with realistic sounds recorded from the original sounds of the bikes. You can unlock, upgrade and customize your bikes based on your preferences! The game is challenging in the objective game mode; however, if you wish to play to be relaxed, then don’t worry. 

traffic rider

Traffic Rider features a Chill Mode, where you can choose to reduce the traffic to your desire. You can choose maps and times such as Deserts, Cities, Highways, Snowy, and many more! You can select the time of your desire. 

The best way to enjoy the aesthetic sunset is to ride through an endless road while keeping your eyes on the divine creation! Or take a ride on a desert highway under a full moon, but don’t let its beauty distract you!

3. Golf Peaks:

Golfing is one of the most relaxing sports in real life. How does Golf play out when it’s combined with a video game? Then you get Golf Peaks! Play a series of courses to hole out in this charming isometric mini-golf puzzler. Many people mistake Golf Peaks for a game of miniature golf, but it is a puzzle game!

Since it is not a golf game, here in this game, you will take turns or ‘cards’ on the screen, which you can choose to decide your next move and deliver it into the hole. This makes it a logic puzzle game where you will need to ponder over time before you pick your card, and that is where the fun begins and sums up why this game appeals to millions of players over the planet.

golf peak mod apk

One cannot simply explain Golf Peaks, the best way to understand it is by playing it simply! It’s a chemistry of aesthetics of golf and a puzzle game based on cards that will challenge your creativity and intelligence. The game gets more exciting and challenging with your progression.

The challenge is not only what appeals to the gamers rather the overall structure and the genius illustration of the game. Thanks to calming and soothing music and aesthetic 2.5D graphics that bring the ultimate spine-chills, the game will surely melt your hearts within the few minutes of the gameplay!

2. Smash Hit:

It’s fair to say that Smash Hit is one of the most beautiful games done for a mobile title. The amount of spine-chills and dopamine it brings in its gameplay is indescribable. Straightforward and simple gameplay. It possesses everything a relaxing game should. The satisfying chills while breaking the glass, which happens to be the game’s objective, is one of the best things in this game.

samsh hit

Moreover, the electric retro aesthetic music in the background and the sound effects of breaking the glass plays is why the game has made its way into the Top 3. As you progress forward, the game pace will be more intense, requiring you to act more quickly. Although it might make it a bit challenging, it will surely hype your excitement!

The 3D HD graphics are highly-textured and detailed, along with its accurate natural physics that amazes every player. The game has tons of levels and is a completely free-to-play game forever!

1. Alto’s Adventure:

It’s impossible not to fall in love with Alto’s Adventure, the ultimate stunning endless runner. The atmosphere of the game is covered with beautiful snow-capped mountains in the background, the jaw-dropping sunset, and rise view while your favorite character rides through the hills. 

The weather naturally changes in the game, such as heavy rains with soothing sound effects that create incredible light strike that brightens the dark sky.

altos adventure mod apk

While the game’s beauty is enough of its graphics and atmosphere, it even brings more excitement with its challenges to keep the players engaged while enjoying the staggering scenery. Players will unlock more beautiful maps, abilities, and perks as they complete challenges and conquer levels. 

Everything about the story, the characters, the scenery, and the setting is perfect. Unbelievably it’s a free-to-play game with low requirements, which means almost anyone can play this legendary, endless runner!


Life is not easy for anyone. There are troubles and challenges always. If you wish to take a break from the hectic schedule and relieve yourself for a while, online mind-relaxing games will surely tune you up!

These relaxing games are known for their pleasing gameplay, appealing graphics, and soothing music that will take away all your stress and make you happier! Almost all of the games are free except Golf Peaks, but there are still plenty of them you install right now and relieve yourself from a stressful day!


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