Pocket Ants Mod Apk
pocket ants mod apk

Pocket Ants Mod APK v-0.0783 Unlimited Gems/Honeydew/Money 2023

Survive, expand, defend your ant colony in this super exciting ant simulator, Pocket Ants mod apk! Join with millions of ant simulators.

App Name Pocket Ants Mod Apk
Size 69MB
Latest Version 0.0783
MOD Info Unlimited Gems/Honeydew/Money
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If you love to discover the study of ants or even play an interesting video game to enhance your experience while enjoying your time? Pocket Ants mod apk will be the utmost choice for any strategy lovers who love insect games!

What is Pocket Ants?

Just like the ants, strategy, and simulation games are innumerable. When you do the chemistry of ants and strategy games, you get Pocket Ants apk! The game has captivated the hearts of strategy lovers across the planet.

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Pocket Ants Mod APK v-0.0783 Unlimited Gems/Honeydew/Money 2023

How many times have you pondered watching ants taking small pieces of food to their ant nest? What could possibly be happening under the small ant nest hole? If you care to indulge in it, you will find out that ants have their own completely different world and society. The ants are civilized as we are. There are worker ants, breeding ants and queen ants, who is their leader.

Pocket Ants MOD APK Features:

Expanding your colony in Pocket Ants hack apk an1 is fun and thriving. However, you feel burdened when your colony grows further. You will require more sources to cope with your innumerable ants to feed and train. 

Pocket Ants mod apk is here to relieve you. You will enjoy all the listed features in the mod version:


  • Unlimited Honeydew
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Ads Removed
  • Free Shopping

Unlimited Honeydew:

Honeydew is a special boosting perk that boosts your ants working abilities and upgrades them. In the original game, you would have to walk through beehives and grind honey from there, but the modded version gives you unlimited honeydew for free!

Unlimited Gems:

It is the gems that make the game so valuable. Gems allow players to buy foods, resources, and shields that protect their base from invasion while they are away from the game. Players can also purchase new creatures and their skins.

Free Shopping:

Do you want to get the most out of the game? You can do that if you unlock every item in the game. Unlocking every item in the game is not easy as it may sound and requires time and money to get it.

However, if you wish to unlock everything without wasting time or paying money, then download the mod version, as it lets you have everything unlocked in the game for free instantly!

No Ads:

Are ads annoying you while you try to enjoy your peaceful ride in the game? Say no more. The mod version we provide you has an exclusive anti-ad removal feature that removes all the ads from within and lets you have a calm and fun experience in the game!

The Best Ant Simulator

Pocket Ants: Colony Simulator mod apk is a different colony builder, a simulator with strategy and RPG elements similar to Last Fortress Underground, but here the players manage their ant society instead of humans. Feel free to peek beneath the anthill and direct every little critter to a task.

While your colony grows and becomes fruitful, there are pirate ants that are starving to steal your resources and spoil your hard work. In order to repel them back to the abyss, you have to set up your ant colony wisely. You must continue the growth of your colony while maintaining the preservation of your colony.

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Pocket Ants Mod APK v-0.0783 Unlimited Gems/Honeydew/Money 2023

Create an ant army to defend your resources and buildings from saboteur ant leaders.

You can simultaneously raid and pillage other players’ ant nests and loot their spoils. Fighting real players rewards the player with extra and rare items and foods.

Grow Your Ant Civilization!

The ants are lurking everywhere unstoppably, and they devour anything that crosses their path that including your foodstuff. Ants gather food and resources to feed their ant queen, who in return reproduces more ants and maintains the ant’s productivity higher.

With feeding their Queen, they also store resources and foods in their stockpile to survive in harsh winters or stormy rains. Pocket Ants mod apk unlimited gems/resources 2022 offers the same realistic gameplay for gamers to experience! Players can collect resources such as mushrooms, fruits, nuts, and many more. Utilize all of these resources and feed your queen to expand your ant colony.

Enhance Your Ant Nests:

Manifestly, your ant colony will require more resources to build and expand your ant’s nest, so when in troublesome times, you can utilise them for backup and store a bank of resources. Players can upgrade their ant chambers that are based on levels. 

Improve and revamp your ant nests to gain exciting rewards. You will ultimately be able to construct more ant nests and colonise free lands for your survivor ants. It is time for work!

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Pocket Ants Mod APK v-0.0783 Unlimited Gems/Honeydew/Money 2023

Destroy and Catch Other Living beings:

Do not confuse yourself as the sole ant survival colony. You will face a lot of hurdles through your journey, especially from red ants that will continuously cause havoc to your colony and loot your spoils. Teach them a lesson and take all of their fruitful resources for your colony. Ants are not only the prey. 

There are other creatures wriggling and dawdling around the land. Kill them for rare and extra rewards. If you don’t want to kill them, you can recruit them to your colony and strengthen your numbers.

Befriend Others or Make Rivals:

Just to remind you again, in Pocket Ants mod apk unlimited resources android 1, you are not the only ant leader. There are millions of players playing this game regularly and destroying other’s ant nests for their own colony benefits. You can all of the spoils of war once you totally obliterate your enemy chambers. 

This will make your ant colony grow further and turn it into civilisation. Other than destroying other players, you can complete daily challenges and missions to get bonus rewards for your ant colony. 

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Pocket Ants Mod APK v-0.0783 Unlimited Gems/Honeydew/Money 2023

If you feel that war can only make losses, you can make alliances with other players. You can join or create clans and then invite others to strengthen your ties and colony’s defence. You can trade goods and resources with them for the benefit of your ant colony.

If you want to try out an alternative to Pocket Ants, try “Monster Legends mod apk” from our website for free, where you breed monsters and expand your monster island!

Pocket Ants: Colony Simulator Tips:

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Pocket Ants Mod APK v-0.0783 Unlimited Gems/Honeydew/Money 2023
  • Never stop gathering resources. They are the primary source of your colony growth. If you stop gathering them, your colony of ants will crumble soon enough. There are always tiny seeds, leaves, fruits, and nuts available on the map for players to gather stack-up resources.
  • Don’t foolishly put all working ants on one field. Divide them between roles and give each one of the specific tasks to conduct. This way, the ants will work efficiently and provide you with the best results with rapid revenue and growth success.
  • Wipe out all the red ants as quickly as you can. They remain your rivals for eternity. They will cause hurdles in your growth and loot your valuable resources. Put a to their madness. Teach them a tough lesson or irrevocably erase them from the map.

What are the benefits of playing it?

Pocket Ants mod menu is an interesting strategy game based on the society of ants. Players grow their ant colony and raid other players’ bases while defending theirs. Overall, it’s an excellent game, and its unique features stand out. You can play PvP mode, which is very exciting and thrilling to play and makes it a similar game to Clash of Clans and Rise of Kingdoms.

Installation Guidelines for PC:

  • Install Bluestacks 5, for example, as a mobile emulator for your PC.
  • Once you have launched the software, open the Media Manager application from the home screen.
  • Now click the “Import from Windows” option on the right tab, and select the file from your PC directory.
Pocket Ants modded app
Pocket Ants Mod APK v-0.0783 Unlimited Gems/Honeydew/Money 2023
  • Once the file is imported, open it and click on the install button.
  • The game is now installed! Enjoy!

Installation Guidelines for Android:

  • Download Pocket Ants MOD APK 2023 by tapping on the download button. 
  • Within a few seconds, the download will begin; meanwhile, you should enable installation from unknown sources in your settings.
Pocket Ants modded apk
Pocket Ants Mod APK v-0.0783 Unlimited Gems/Honeydew/Money 2023
  • Upon completion of the download, open the .apk file by tapping it and choosing install.
  • A few minutes from now, the game will be installed. When it’s ready, you can start playing. 
  • Enjoy finally!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this free and safe to download and play?

Yes, it is completely safe and free to play this game. You do not need any third-party application to install or play this game. Also, we will never upload problematic applications that may cause damage to your device.

 How do I change my account?

If you ever intend to change your account, disconnect your Google play account from the game and sign up for a new email.

How much space does it take, and which Android version is compatible with it?

The file is 69MB in size. An Android device running version 4.4 or higher can use it.


If you are an avid lover and fond of strategy games similar to Lords Mobile and Forge of Empires, Pocket Ants mod apk will also make your day with its fantastic features, which 100 million players across the globe enjoy. 

Share this with your friends. If you have any questions regarding the game or if we need to make any improvements, please leave a comment on our website. Your feedback will be appreciated. Enjoy the game!

Download Pocket Ants Mod Apk

Download (69MB)

You are now ready to download Pocket Ants Mod Apk for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properly
  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details
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