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Feeling Numb? These 5 Mood-Boosting Games Will Keep Your Spirits High!

Fond of playing mobile games? We have come up with the top five mood boosting games that will erupt your adrenaline rush and make you feel relaxed!

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Although there are so many mobile games, very few come in handy when we talk about mood-boosting games. Over the past decade, the gaming industry has been enjoying its golden era with impressive improvements and a lot of new creatively genius games.

Some people might confuse video games with just PC and consoles, but video games are almost on every device, from mobile phones to smartwatches to even smart refrigerators in kitchens! Mobile games, on the other hand, have been more interesting and billions of players play them because you can carry the mobile phone everywhere!

When it comes to mood games online, you may think of thousands of games in your mind, but we have selected five mood-boosting games that will erupt your mood the moment you start playing them and erase your boredom.

If you are looking for games that may relax and boost your mind, then you are at the right place. Let’s find out the list!

Top Five Mood Boosting Games:

  • Clash Royale
  • Traffic Rider
  • WorldBox
  • Temple Run 2
  • Candy Crush

Clash Royale:

There’s no shortage of new creative and jaw-dropping games. The games have become more advanced and exciting than their predecessors. Clash Royale makes its way as one of the most enjoyed games on mobile that makes you happy!

Thanks to its sibling Clash of Clans which has earned him early recognization in the gaming world but Clash Royale is not just another mood-boosting strategy game.

This game comes with the most innovative tower-defense game mode, where you will deploy troops on a battlefield against another player from the internet.

The two players’ armies will clash with each other, both of them trying to destroy the tower of the other. Once the King’s castle is destroyed, the game is over, and the winner is rewarded.

mood-boosting games

The charming 3D graphics of the game are of high-quality that and resemble its twin CoC. The sound effects and the chill it brings are rarely found in any other game.

You will get to upgrade your base arena with exciting skins and unlock and upgrade troops to become more powerful against your opponents. Last but most importantly, this game is all about strategy; with a creatively genius strategy, you can overcome any opponent you face!

So this game is surely gonna take some of your time to prove yourself as the best!

Traffic Rider:

Traffic Rider has become the center of attention when it comes to Racing. And why it shouldn’t be? This game has everything a gamer requires, specifically those who are more into motorcycle racing. It has the swag and the elegance that is not founded in other racing games. It’s a very unique and popular game for a reason.

Your racing skills are examined at the top level as you progress in this game from a scooter to a professional heavy bike racer overcoming extremely dangerous challenges.

The game has tons of challenging missions that will demand you to become more efficient with handling the bike. 

traffic rider mod apk

You will get to choose from dozens of motorcycles, including the magnificent Kawasaki Ninja, BMW S, Honda CBR, Aprilia, Ducati, and many more!

Furthermore, you can customize the bikes based on your liking with many options available such as changing the rider’s gloves, applying stickers on the bike’s metal, or changing its color as a whole! If you want to take a break from reality, this game can be a great escape!


Too tired after a rough day? Then grab your smartphone and download WorldBox now! Unleash all of your anger into the world you create. Fill it with almost every type of living thing, then punish them for fun!

You can create storms, and tornadoes, nuke an entire continent or rain down acids; you become the God of your world!

worldbox mod apk

Your creativity is tested here in this game; you can create the world of your imagination using all sorts of realistic options, such as elevating hills and mountains, painting grass and desert, creating forests and rivers, and much more!

You can create your own fantasy world and destroy it; the game lets you do whatever you want, whether spawning vampires or zombies or making an army of aliens and then putting them into battle against each other or creating a peaceful civilization in the world has ever seen! It is your world!

Temple Run 2:

Are you ready for some action?! Then fasten your seat belt and hold your hands tight because you are not gonna stop for a millisecond in Temple Run 2. Consider yourself as good as dead the moment you stop running because the beast is not going to let you escape.

temple run 2 mod apk

This game will test how active your mind is while you make swift decisions as you dodge, jump and slide over many obstacles, including but not limited to tree stumps, fires, waterfalls, and fallen buildings.

You will go through an endless world, passing many biomes and sites such as the sea, desert, lava, mines, and many more!

You will also unlock many characters and upgrade them to mobilize their running speed. You can pick up and activate several perks to give you a temporary effect, such as immunity, a shield, running like a flash, and carrying a magnet to get all the coins regardless of the direction.

Don’t take this game for a mere running game; the majority of the players don’t even stay longer. Are you any different? If yes so, then get on and prove yourself!

Candy Crush:

This game is rather self-explanatory since it is found in almost every smartphone owner. Yes, you heard it right; Candy Crush is one of the top ten most played games of all time! What makes this so different from the others that even the grannies have hit the highest level in the game?

Candy Crush is a simple puzzle-solving game(puzzle with words), where you swipe between candies to match at least three of them in the same row or column to break them until the game is finished.

There is no secret other than that the game is easy at first but slowly builds challenges for the players that make it addictive to play. 

candy crush mod apk

At first, we are able to win and pass levels easily, which gives us a strong sense of accomplishment and makes us want to do more. But because of how challenging the game becomes in the next stages is more of a drug to billions of players that strive to beat all the levels.

If you really want an escape from reality and enjoy what billions of players all over the world relish in their leisure time, then you cannot get any better game than this one, especially if you are into an arcade and puzzle-solving games!


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