How to Get Punch and Grab Emote in Stumble Guys

How to Get Punch and Grab Emote in Stumble Guys in 2023?

Do you want a competitive advantage in Stumble Guys? Then learn how to get punch and grab emote in Stumble Guys properly.

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Stumble Guys took the internet to storm when it first got released in early 2021. Its popularity skyrocketed thanks to Fall Guys, which at the time was a paid game, but no doubt it inspired many games such as Stumble Guys.

Although both games are not entirely the same, anyone can confuse the first with the second because most of the game’s mechanics, even punching and grabbing, are identical to its pioneer.

Stumble Guys is an action battle royale game where the objective is to reach the finish line before others and survive till the final round and become the last man standing to achieve victory finally.

Stumble Guys is not simple as it looks; the more you progress, the tougher player you match with means you will have to play Stumble Guys and polish your parkour skills constantly.

Players can use their creativity and strategies to overcome obstacles and gain the upper hand over opponents by going through shortcuts and so. 

If you are one of those players who are struggling to achieve more victories than losses, then you should expand your strategies and start using new techniques. Punching and grabbing are one of those tactics which players can utilize to get ahead of their opponents.

If you want to know how to get and use those emotes, then you have stumbled upon the right place!

Do you know which one is better, Fall Guys or Stumble Guys?

What Are Emotes in Stumble Guys and How to Get Them:

Unlike its counterpart Fall Guys where players could kick, grab their opponents, and distort their progress, Stumble Guys does not have the same direct feature.

Nonetheless, Stumble Guys does something similar but in a different way. It features special emotes that can be used to disrupt the opponent if used precisely on time and win the game eventually.

Stumble Guys Punch emote unlock

These are only a few special emotes. Namely, the glove emotes, the slide emote, and the heart (hugging) emote. The former unleashes a powerful kick to the direction the character is facing while the hugging emotes grab the opponent and carry them on their back.

Punch Emote:

The boxing glove emote can be used to perform punch action. The punch will send your enemy tumbling to the ground when used near an enemy. With the right technique, you may even be able to knock your opponents off the stage.

If you decide to pursue violence in Stumble Guys, using grappling and punching together can prove to be a decisive tactic.

Shoe Emote:

The Shoe emote is basically the slide emote. The process is the same as punch and glove emote.

To use slide emote correctly, make sure that you are facing your target. Press the Shoe emote from the emote’s tab to slide your character and knock down your targeted opponent.

Hug and Grab Emote:

The hugging or grabbing emote is indicated as a “Heart” emote in Stumble Guys. Players can use this to hold and grab their opponent when nearby it. 

Note that you must hold the emote button for as long as you carry the opponent. Tapping won’t work here.

How to Unlock Punch and Grab Emote in Stumble Guys:

After that, you have successfully gained the emotes; it’s now time to put them into your inventory so you can finally use them in the rounds.

To implement emotes into your inventory, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the main screen of Stumble Guys.
  • Click on Customize button.
  • Tap on Emotes button.
  • Now you will see all the character emotes unlocked.
  • Scroll down to “Special” emotes category.
  • Add or replace any emote from the inventory with the Special emotes.
  • Now to use emotes in a game, click on the three dots above the movement pad.
  • Click on the emote you want to use.
  • That’s it!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to grab in the game?

Use the Heart emote in the game and hold it to carry the opponent you are facing.

How do you double-jump in the game?

Press the jump button twice at a flash-light speed to double jump.

How do you slide down in the game?

You have to unlock the shoe emote and put it in your inventory, then finally use it in the game from the dotted menu above the movement pad.

Can you practice in Stumble Guys?

Practice maps have finally been released in the game! Players can now make a custom game and practice with or without friends!

Wrapping Up:

Stumble Guys is a renowned battle royale game inspired by the famous Fall Guys battle royale. The game follows the same objective of the last man standing.

Winning games in Stumble Guys requires constancy and skills; however, there are some techniques that can get you ahead of other players, such as emotes, glove and heart emote.

While these emotes are great for paralyzing opponents, one should not entirely rely on them as they also require timing and skills. If you want to know how to get these emotes then follow the guidelines above.

Let your friends know about Stumble Guys. Feel free to comment on the game if you have any questions or think anything has to be improved. We would appreciate your feedback. Have fun playing!


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