Fix Arceus X Keeps Crashing

How to Fix Arceus X Keeps Crashing Issue in 2023

Are you stuck on Arceus X keeps crashing issues every time you open it? Here’s how you can fix that.

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Roblox has millions of incredible games. Each game provides a unique experience. Mods can be used to make the gameplay experience even better. Arceus X apk is one of those mods that let you exploit Roblox games and handicap other players in the game.

However, Arceus is associated with many issues concerning lags, crashing, not opening, and more. If you are facing such trouble, you are in the right place. We have it figured out for you. 

How to Fix Arceus X Keep Crashing?

Roblox gives its players many ways to improve their ingame experiences, such as providing them free codes, rewards, and more. Still, Arceus is considered the most powerful mod of Roblox giving players wonderful abilities such as flying, teleporting, immortality, and more.

Having used Arceus X for a long and facing this issue out of the blue can sadden a lot of Roblox players. This specific issue can be caused by various reasons, such as corrupt files, application privilege issues, and poor internet connection.

Below we have come up with three resolutions to fix it. Make sure that you follow the instruction and apply them properly to get the best results.

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Method 1 – Clear Cache:

Ever noticed that when a webpage is not loading, you clear the cache, and it fixes problems such as images not loading properly or buttons not being responsive? That’s what it does!

The same can be applied to Roblox or any other program. So if you have not tried clearing the cache, then do it right now. 

It will fix all the corrupt files or glitches and may also reset your settings to default. Restart your application, and it should work now.

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Method 2 – Install a Parallel Application:

If the previous method did not prove worthy, you could attempt the next method, which is installing a parallel application.

You might be wondering what a parallel application is. A parallel application is a software that clones another application within like a fresh new one.

Cloning Roblox Arceus has proven to work for many users, and you should try it as well. Follow the steps to get started.

  1. Open Google Playstore on your mobile.
  2. Type “Parallel,” and you will find out various similar applications.
  3. Look for the one that has the best rating and reviews.
  4. If you cannot choose, then go for Parallel Space and click install.
Arceus X Not Working Issue 2023
  1. Once the application is installed and opened, it will ask you to grant permissions.
  2. Allow the permission it asks for.
  3. Then type on the “Add” symbol, and you will see a menu of all of your applications.
  4. Search for Roblox and add it.
  5. Once it’s added, go to the settings and app management.
roblox arceus x keep crashing issue
  1. Tap on Roblox and clear its cache.
  2. After clearing the cache, you should re-open it from Parallel Space.

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Method 3 – Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network):

A VPN or a virtual private network is basically a way to disguise your identity on the internet. 

However, apart from protecting your data, VPN is useful for many other occasions, such as connecting to an IP and a network as a whole to access certain servers which do not work in the user’s location.

Using VPN to prevent Arceus X from crashing is a noteworthy fix, and here’s how you can do it.

  1. Open Playstore on your device.
  2. Search for a VPN, especially a trusted one, for example, VPN.
  3. Install the VPN and open it.
  4. Connect to the server, which gives you the best connection according to your region.
Arceus X Key Not Working
  1. After it’s successfully connected, open Roblox.

Note that your internet must be stable to avoid further problems such as lag issues.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What causes Arceus X to crash?

There are many reasons why it crashes, for example, a poor internet connection or you may be living in a region where the host’s server is inaccessible. 

The other reason can be corrupt files which can be fixed by clearing the cache in the settings.

Is it safe to use Arceus?

Arceus is considered one of the safest Roblox exploiters to use. However, Roblox might kick you from the game if it catches you using it while in the game. Nevertheless, that is a rare case to take note of.


Arceus X apk is one of the best Roblox executors mod menus that provides players with many wonderful features and abilities, such as unlimited resources, experiences, flying, jumping huge, and more. All that fun is ruined once it crashes out of the blue.

Above mentioned methods have come in handy for many Arceus users. If the given solutions don’t come in your favor, feel free to comment, and we will provide an alternative solution.

Let your friends know about this game. Feel free to comment on the game if you have any questions or think anything has to be improved. We would appreciate your feedback. Have fun playing!


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