Frozen City MOD APK
frozen city mod apk

Frozen City MOD APK v-1.1.5 Unlimited Money/Gems

Experience the ultimate post-apocalyptic city-building game in Frozen City mod apk. Survive the harsh winter, plan strategically, and thrive. Download now!

App Name Frozen City MOD APK
Size 367MB
Latest Version 1.1.5
MOD Info Unlimited Money/Diamonds
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If you are a city-building lover, you might love to try something different than casual. It’s Frozen City mod apk!

Instead of starting up casually on a beautiful island, here you begin your journey as the leader of refugees trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world that is getting colder as the days pass.

Frozen City MOD APK platinmods
Frozen City MOD APK v-1.1.5 Unlimited Money/Gems

The player is tasked with building a shelter for their settlers and building various buildings and infrastructures to provide for the settlers and fulfill their needs to survive in the harsh climate.

It’s a perfect game for anyone looking for a new yet challenging game in this recent incredible city-building game that has taken the internet by storm!

Frozen City MOD APK Features:

Frozen City is one of the top-grossing simulation games right now on Google Play Store. What makes it stand out from most of the other city-building games is that this game is challenging but also engaging.

Getting to the top of the game takes a lot of time and effort, the game includes in-app purchases to speed up your progress.

However, you can try the Frozen City mod apk Unlimited Money and Gems 2023, which will let you have the following mods in the game that will ultimately faster your in-game progress allowing you to master the snow-apocalyptic world.


  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Coal
  • No Ads

Unlimited Money:

Money is the primary currency in the game, which allows the players to buy and unlock new buildings, structures, decorations, and other items in the game that will help advance further in the game.

If you want unlimited money, then you can download the provided mod version for free!

Unlimited Diamonds:

If you do not wish to waste time on building or an upgrade to complete, you can use diamonds. However, diamonds are valuable currency in the game therefore, it is hard to collect them.

With Frozen City mod apk unlimited diamonds, you can get unlimited diamonds at your disposal!

Unlimited Coal:

Coal is one of the essential parts of your survival in the game, as it is used to keep your settlement warm throughout the apocalypse.

If you want to get rid of worrying about coal, then download the mod version now and get an infinite amount of coal for free and keep your town warm forever!

Ads Removed:

While the other features of the game are appreciated, the ads in the game are the most disliked part of the game. If you want to enjoy your experience without ads popping out every second, download the mod version now! 

The Ultimate Apocalypse City-Building Game:

Frozen City hack has an interesting story that takes the tale of the chief of the last town on Earth as the sudden and mysterious snow and ice disaster has wiped out the rest of mankind from the surface of the planet.

Only you survive with a bunch of refugees following you in the hope of leading them to a safe and comfortable life in the harsh climate.

Frozen City Mod APK free purchase
Frozen City MOD APK v-1.1.5 Unlimited Money/Gems

Display your leadership skills in these incredible yet terrifying circumstances and help your group of survivors.

Enjoy the following features of the game as you begin your story from start.

An Intriguing Survival Simulation:

Unlike the other city-building games such as SimCity BuildIt and City Island 5, Frozen City MOD APK platinmods plunges you into a challenging world where everything is scarce, including humans.

Survivors are what keep your town alive. You have to make sure that your survivors are healthy and happy at all costs as if they become sad or ill, your town will be as good as dead.

Look after specific needs, such as medicines, food rations, fire, and other resources which they need to survive.

If the survivors get unhappy, they might rebel against your current state and make the situation even worse!

Venture into the Wilderness:

Frozen City Mod APK free Shopping features a vast and massive world left for the players to explore.

Set out envoys and scouts all across the globe and look out for new territories so you can expand your town to a larger town and eventually into a great city!

Make Use of the Resources:

Organize your survivors, which is your town’s main workforce, and order them to collect materials, resources, and other items around you to build new buildings and craft new machines to double your speed.

You will use the collected resources to build buildings, structures, and weapons to help you survive in the unknown wilderness.

Build Various Buildings and Diversify Your Town:

As you progress further in Frozen City Mod APK free purchase you will unlock tons of different buildings such as a Workshop to produce new tools, a Coal Mine to provide coals, Hospitals to heal the sick, a Dorm where survivors can sleep and restore energy, and many more!

Unlock Heroes and Prepare for War:

The game features unique Heroes that help you turn the tables during the battles.

Each hero possesses unique abilities that are not found in other heroes, making them a strategic choice depending on the battle. Master every Hero and learn their moves to make the best use of them in the fight.

Frozen City Mod APK Unlimited diamonds
Frozen City MOD APK v-1.1.5 Unlimited Money/Gems

Apart from fighting, players can use Heroes to explore new areas and gather epic materials.

To make your Heroes more powerful and increase your chances of winning, players can upgrade their Heroes using Wishing Stars.

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Complete Challenges to Obtain Exclusive Rewards:

To make Frozen City Mod APK Unlimited wood even more interesting, players are tasked with completing multiple quests and challenges from the Tasks menu.

Each challenge rewards the player with chests and other unique items when completed. All these challenges will ensure that you remain engaged and addicted to the game and enjoy its pleasant 3D atmospheric graphics with its soothing ambient soundtrack.


Absolutely love this game! The winter-themed graphics and challenging gameplay make it super addictive. 5 stars, no doubt!

Frozen City is the perfect balance of strategy and creativity. The attention to detail is stunning.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What type of game is Frozen City?

It is a simulation city-building game with RPG and Survival elements.

Is Frozen City free to play?

It’s free to play on Mobile and as well as on PC using an Emulator like Blustacks.

How do you get the Hero in Frozen City?

You have to reach Valley Town in order to unlock Heroes in the first place. Then you can get them from chests or from completing Tasks.

How do you increase survivors in Frozen City?

Build more beds in dorms to attract new survivors to your town.


If you’re looking for a captivating and engrossing mobile game that’ll keep you hooked for hours, look no further than Frozen City mod apk. Set in a frozen, post-apocalyptic world, you’ll take on the role of a city builder tasked with constructing and managing a thriving metropolis in an unforgiving winter landscape.

With limited resources and treacherous weather conditions to contend with, strategic planning is crucial if you hope to ensure the survival and prosperity of your city. But fear not – the challenges you’ll face only serve to enhance the sense of achievement you’ll feel as your city grows and thrives.

One of the standout features of Frozen City is the stunning graphics and immersive sound effects, which add to the game’s overall realism and transport you into the icy world you’ll be navigating. From the intricately designed buildings to the unique character designs, no detail has been spared in creating a fully realized and unforgettable gaming experience.

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Download Frozen City MOD APK

Download (367MB)

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