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How to Fix Arceus X Lag and Ping Freeze Problem 2023?

If you are stuck in this error and want to know how to fix Arceus X lag and ping freeze problem, then you are at the right place!

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Arceus X apk is a powerful Roblox mod menu that provides tons of exploits for players executing scripts. It also lets players use their own scripts and execute them to get their desired results in the game.

However, Arceus X comes with many problems, as it does with the advantages of the game. One of the common issues faced by players is the lag and freezing issue that occurs in the middle of the game. 

We have figured out a way to solve How to Fix Arceus X Lag and Ping Freeze Problem 2023?

How to Fix Arceus X Lag and Ping Freeze Problem?

Lag in a video game is referred to as a delay in the response time either of a computer or a network which slowdowns the process task. It causes the characters or other features in the game to stop working properly, thus resulting in a freezing game, making it almost unplayable.  

Nothing is more frustrating for a Roblox player than a lagging game while using Arceus X. The problem can relate to many reasons.

A poor internet connection will be the most probable reason why the game is lagging. If it’s not the internet, then it may be related to either your low-end device, the heavy workload on the system or an outdated version.

A lag is basically a slowdown of data received by the host to process. 

Here are a few possible solutions we have come up with that you can easily try out and see if it fixes the problem you are struggling against.

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Method 1 – Check Your Internet Connection:

A poor internet connection and stability is the major factor causing lag in the games and in Roblox as well.

If you are on Mobile, make sure your WiFi signals are strong, and use your mobile in the same room where your modem is. Turn off and on your WiFi as well.

If you are on a PC and cable, take out the ethernet cable and plug it in again. If it does not work, then check if the tip of the cable or any wire is broken, which may cause a disturbance in receiving data from the modem.

Finally, restart your router or modem so the network is refreshed, and it should fix the problem.

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Method 2 – Check Your Device:

The second important thing to do if fixing your internet connection does not work is to check the device on which you are currently trying to run Roblox Arceus X.

Check if your device, whether PC or Mobile meets at least the minimum system requirements of the game to run properly. If not so, you will have to upgrade your device in order to run it smoothly.

Sometimes an old operating system, specifically in Mobile, causes lags and freezing issues as the game does not support old operating systems. Make sure that your device’s android version is at least 5 or above.

Navigate to the settings and click on the About Phone button from the bottom of the list. Check if any update has arrived; if yes, then update your phone.

A heavy workload on the system can cause it to slow down. If the lag persists, close all the applications from the recent applications list and try to run the game again.

Move to the next step if this one does not prove helpful.

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Method 3 – Uninstall and Reinstall Roblox Arceus X:

Ultimately, uninstalling and reinstalling Roblox seems to be the remaining option.

Before you reinstall the game, have you tried restarting your device? If not, try it, as it usually happens to work for many. Reinstalling the game will remove all of its data and renew it.

Ensure that you are installing the latest version of the game, as an outdated version may cause such issues as lags and freezes.

Once the game is reinstalled, it will fix all the corrupt files, clear its cache, and fix the glitches that may have contributed to the game’s lagging and freezing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Arceus X?

Roblox features many possibilities for players to enhance their gameplay, such as providing free promo codes, giveaways, events, mods, and new updates. Among those mods, Arceus X apk is one of the strongest mods created by Roblox addicts for the community.

Is it safe to use Arceus X while playing Roblox?

It’s safe to use it while on Roblox; however, be aware that the admins and moderators in the game might block you from joining if they catch you abusing the mod menu.


Even though it is one of the best Roblox executors available, Arceus X apk lagging and freezing issues can be a very irritating problem for avid Roblox users as it makes the game unplayable. The screens freeze and the players teleport due to a massive delay in the network.

If you are stuck on this issue then follow our guidelines strictly to achieve the best results.

If the problem continues to exist, then reach out to Arceus X team support or submit a ticket to Roblox support.

Let your friends know about this game. Feel free to comment on the game if you have any questions or think anything has to be improved. We would appreciate your feedback. Have fun playing!


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