Fallout Shelter Mod APK
Fallout Shelter mod APK

Fallout Shelter Mod APK v-1.15.4 Unlimited Money/LunchBoxes 2023

In Fallout Shelter mod apk, you will have to build a shelter for refugees, defend your people, and establish your underground empire.

App Name Fallout Shelter Mod APK
Size 282Mb
Latest Version 1.15.4
MOD Info Unlimited Money, Unlimited Lunchbox
Get it On Google Play
Download (282Mb)


Have you heard about nuclear missiles? If yes, then you probably know how much destruction they can cause to the whole earth. Such is the scenario in Fallout Shelter mod apk, where your people are forced to escape a nuclear warzone and find shelter somewhere in the country. They have to make sure that it is underground and well-defended to be undetected for invaders and immune from atomic hits.

fallout shelter mod

This game comes from the renowned game developer ‘Bethseda,’ who is profound for their quality RPG games like Elder Scrolls and Fallout. If you are a fan of the Fallout video game series, you will probably love this one, too, because you can enjoy similar gameplay to Fallout now on your mobile phone!

Fallout Shelter MOD APK Features:

Playing Fallout Shelter apk is fun as long as you have enough power to keep your machines working and bulbs lightning; you will also run out of fresh water, which can cause death to many of your dwellers. However, it is possible to fix those problems with an extra hand which is the mod version we provide for you!

Discover the features in more detail below:


  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Food
  • Unlimited Lunchboxes
  • Unlimited Power

Unlimited Money:

Money in the game is the general source of income. As you probably know that it takes to complete missions and objectives to earn money which, in all cases time-consuming and sometimes even frustrating. We provide Fallout Shelter mod apk unlimited everything 2023, which supplies an endless amount of money that never decreases when purchasing new items or lunchboxes.

Unlimited Food:

Food is the heart of your dwellers. Without it, they won’t survive long enough. Maintaining constant and pure food is one of the most important things a player should keep in their mind.

However, if you do not have a regulated food system, you will be frustrated as you keep running out of food, don’t worry; the mod version will fix that for you as it will give you unlimited food!

Unlimited Lunchboxes:

So you do not have powerful weapons to face off the invaders or enough efficient tools to upgrade your work? Fallout Shelter mod apk unlimited lunchbox feature gives you an infinite amount of lunchboxes.

Lunchboxes are crates that can contain rare items and characters such as weapons, dwellers, upgrades, special abilities, and many more! In the original version, you will have to pay, but with the mod version we provide, it is completely free!

Unlimited Power:

In Fallout Shelter, power is an absolute must-have resource. Your vault simply can’t operate without it, and if your power levels start to dip, you’ll soon see rooms shutting down and your dwellers left in the dark.

Keeping a close eye on your power supply is crucial, so make sure that you have downloaded Fallout Shelter mod apk unlimited nuka cola of the game, which showers you with unlimited power resources for free!

Welcome to the Vault Life!

Begin your vault life in the underground world following a post-nuclear war in your homeland. Take the survivors to a safe haven under the rock so it becomes hard for the barbarians to catch you.

Fallout Shelter latest modded version 2023, lets you build your own empire digging deep beneath the surface of the earth. The game is pretty simple. You are tasked with building a shelter for refugees. You can build your vault as you build food production factories, a powerhouse, water pipes, modern rooms, defensive weapons and artillery, and many more!

You will be given plenty of options to build your vault kingdom. You can build a safe haven using modern techniques that can prevent nuclear missile damage, such as modern rooms.

But you also have to keep your survivors alive, so make sure that you are feeding them, educating them, and turning them into heroes of your country to fight against the tyrant dictator!

fallout shelter lunchbox

Embrace the Vault Life, Grow Your Community:

Secure the future of your countrymen in Fallout Shelter as you build modern rooms to transform an underground tunnel beneath 2,000 feet of bedrock into the ultimate vault life experience.

Build whatever you want in the underground. Meanwhile, protect your dwellers, interact with them, and know their needs.

Educate them and put them to work. Secure for their clean water and constant electricity as means of survival. Fulfill their needs of survival so they can grow further and lead a happy and successful community of dwellers.

Protect Your Underground Empire, Explore the Wasteland:

Many invaders and envious people will seek to destroy your prosperity and murder your community. The enemy in Fallout Shelter hack apk is never satisfied with blood.

They will always invade and raid your peaceful community. Do whatever to assure the security of your community and their welfare. Train your dwellers to fight against the invaders and protect their homes.

Sometimes it is time to retaliate when you have enough manpower. Take your warriors on an expedition to the wastelands as you send them above the surface and seek adventure.

Let them take whatever they get in their hands and bring back precious loot and spoils of war for your home, which includes deadly weapons, armor, and experience for your dwellers to level up but do not use your dwellers. As means of tools, protect them at any cost!

If you love survival games where you protect your small kingdom from invaders and grow your settlement? Then try out “State of Survival mod apk,” where you are in the midst of a zombie apocalypse and fight off zombies to protect your community.

fallout shelter hack apk

Customize and Prosper Your Vault Realm:

Fallout Shelter mod menu modyolo gives you the freedom to turn any useless garbage into a worthy item with your crafting skills. You can make your community distinctive from other players as you customize your character and give them your desired look as a sign of identification of your beautiful vault realm.

Your vault realm will require dwellers a mix of talents and skills that they can utilize to expand your realm and generate successful results for their work.

Attract new dwellers to join your settlement and help you grow your small community.

Build radio rooms to echo your voice in all corners of the country so the survivors may run towards you. You can also choose the best decisions for your characters and make them happy in their lives so they can work efficiently.

Fond of games that let you dig beneath the earth’s surface? Try Idle Miner Tycoon mod apk and start your mining business from scratch!

fallout shelter mod apk unlimited money

Why Should You Install It Then?

Well, if you want to experience a vault life, then Fallout Shelter mod apk platinmods will be the best spot for you! It has many reasons for installation.

Among those is it has high-quality graphics. And since it comes from a renowned company, it has massive installations on the play store with a rating of 4.6, making it a very positive game and suited for all types of players.

The game is very unique and distinct from other casual survival or simulation games like Left to Survive and Zombie Diary 2 since it gives you a unique experience of vault life with many flattering features.

You can build your own shelter with options of up to two thousand items. You can build rooms, grow your settlement, construct defensive towers, train warriors, and expand your vault realm!


I love Fallout! I own most of them. I love them all! Fallout Shelter is a great game for both an introduction into the fallout universe, but also a great in-between filler for when I can’t play the other games. I’ve been playing fallout Shelter off an on since it was released while I was in highschool years ago!

I’m a huge Fallout fan, but the best thing about this game by far is that you can actually play the entire thing for hundreds of hours from start to finish and never watch a single ad. All the ads really do is speed up your resources, and if you manage them correctly, you never actually have to use the rushes. Not being interrupted by an ad every 3 seconds is so great.

    Installation Guidelines for PC:

    • Install Bluestacks 5, for example, as a mobile emulator for your PC.
    • Once you have launched the software, open the Media Manager application from the home screen.
    • Now click the “Import from Windows” option on the right tab, and select the file from your PC directory.
    Fallout Shelter modded app
    • Once the file is imported, open it and click on the install button.
    • The game is now installed! Enjoy!

    Installation Guidelines for Android:

    • Download Fallout Shelter MOD APK 2023 by tapping on the download button. 
    • Within a few seconds, the download will begin; meanwhile, you should enable installation from unknown sources in your settings.
    Fallout Shelter modded apk
    • Upon completion of the download, open the .apk file by tapping it and choosing install.
    • A few minutes from now, the game will be installed. When it’s ready, you can start playing. 
    • Enjoy finally!

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How much time does it take for a baby?

    Once any of your dwellers gain the trait of pregnancy, she will give birth in the next 3 hours.

    How do I move my rooms?

    It is impossible to move rooms from one place to another. However, you can destroy rooms that have no dwellers.

    What is the required android version for playing this game?

    The minimum Android version requirement is 7.0, which means low-end devices cannot play it.


    Fallout Shelter mod apk is one of those games which gives you a vault-life experience where you control a huge community of dwellers who have survived the nuclear warzone.

    The game features amazing gameplay of realism and RPG, similar to The Walking Zombie 2, where you will build a wonderful and strong shelter for your community. You will also be responsible for their lives and their growth. The game has so many fun things to do, and you will probably like it as well!

    Let your friends know about this game. Feel free to comment on the game if you have any questions or think anything has to be improved. We would appreciate your feedback. Have fun playing!

    Download Fallout Shelter Mod APK

    Download (282Mb)

    You are now ready to download Fallout Shelter Mod APK for free. Here are some notes:

    • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properly
    • Read the FAQ carefully for more details
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