Dead Target Mod APK V-4.101.1 Unlimited Money/battle Pass 2023

Download Dead Target MOD APK unlimited money/lives/battle pass for free 100%. Survive through endless waves of ravenous zombies.Save the planet and be the hero.



Size119 MB
Compatible with5.0 AND ABOVE
Last update2 days ago
PriceFree to Play
Google Play LinkDEAD TARGET: Zombie Games 3D
Game Overview

Action games are most thrilling when it comes to First-Person-Shooter mode as FPS is more thrilling and realistic than third-person shooters. If you are one of those who love FPS zombie games, then you will definitely try Dead Target MOD APK. Another fantastical FPS zombie shooting game with an option to unlock many weapons, character skins, and upgrades! Eliminate the zombies from every corner of the world as you travel to different locations. Stop the spreading of the curse and find out the hidden story behind their infection.

FPS action games are more demanding and have higher popularity than other game modes. Major gaming studios are constantly competing against each other to bring the best action game than the former. That is why “VNG Game Studios” have developed Dead Target. The game is an action and horror one mainly focused on zombies, which makes the game unique. 

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There is an apocalypse on the horizon. Humanity is facing a deadly threat from the spread of zombies across the globe. There is no other solution to stopping them but to pop their heads wherever they are seen. 

In this game, you take on the role of a soldier tasked with taking out the zombies before they ruin the world. The year is 2040, and the world is on the brink of war. As a cruel leader called MZ, he infected the city residents with a virus that turned them into vicious zombies for his own purposes. Despite sending a team to stop the project, things did not go as planned since it was too late to stop it. The operation team was wiped out by zombies. Your mission is to survive with your fellow agent and find a way to escape, as well as inform the military about your situation.

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Overwhelmed by zombies, the city is in ruins.  Throughout the game, you will have to survive numerous zombie waves and scary maps. It is imperative that you eliminate all of them, or else the city will drown in a pool of blood. The world has relied its hope upon you. The consequences of your actions will be forever etched in the minds of the world.

Dead Target MOD APK Features: 

There is a very long spooky journey to pass. It will get difficult and harder to complete certain missions and require you more powerful gears. It will crumble down a mountain of your time to gradually build your character. Even more frustrating with the non-stop Ads interfering with your progress.

This is why we are here; download the dead target mod apk unlimited diamonds, where you can have everything at maximum from the start of the game. You will not need to spend any more of your precise time, which you could use for something useful in your real life. Here are some features of Dead Target cheats:


  • Unlimited Money.
  • Ads Removed
  • Free to Play
  • In-App Purchases Removed

Unlimited Money:

In this game, you will get unlimited money which you can use to buy weapons. To upgrade weapons and customize their skins to suit your preferences. To progress faster in-game than before with powerful weapons. The money will never decrease upon purchase!

Ads Removed:

It is time to get rid of the annoying ads that always pop up in the middle of the game. Now you will not be interpreted by the nonsense ads. Enjoy the game without any disturbance.

Free, Safe, and Sound:

Dead Target has been a free game since its release so is this MOD version. It does not contain any problematic viruses. You do not have to subscribe to any channel nor need to worry about safety since it is very safe and secure.

In-App purchases Removed:

You can unlock everything without paying a single penny to anyone. All kinds of purchases are removed for free!


Zombie Apocalypse: 

The world is getting under the sovereignty of starving zombies. In this game, you will face never-ending waves of zombies to halt their invasion, just like The walking zombie 2 mod apk. Each time you clear a wave, you will face more difficult zombie waves than before. So stay alert while you can. 

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User-Friendly Interface and Simple Controls: 

The main menu and GUI of the dead target torrent are very optimized and made to deliver the best user experience. Very simple and straightforward interface. 

The controls are very easy to comprehend for any individual. You do not need to move your character because you simply cannot. All you have to do is simply use your weapons and special abilities and fire on the zombies to stop them from getting close to you.

Many Unique Weapons: 

Dead Target Mod APK features tons of different unique weapons for slaying down zombies. You can buy so many weapons; each weapon is more powerful than the former and vice versa.

The weapon style is very detailed with realistic physics. The sounds are also very realistic and accurate. You can customize your weapon’s skins and colors. The weapon type varies from shotguns, SMGs, pistols, sniper, and assault rifles to chainsaws and grenade launchers. You can choose between any of them and use them wisely in the right circumstances.

Other than that, the game will always require strong weapons. Otherwise, you will get stuck in a mission. That is why you have to upgrade your current weapon and turn it into a monster killer or buy a new brutal weapon.

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Seasonal Events and Daily Challenges: 

Daily and seasonal challenges are events held constantly, which give a higher reward, weapon skins, and much more. Players will also get the chance to win a weapon’s skin, unique abilities, and bonus money as well. They will also enjoy special maps and levels during the seasonal events held yearly.

Soundtracks and Sound effects:

The soundtrack and sound effects dead target mod apk never fail to make you entertained and concentrated. The weapon sounds are promptly made, and the sounds of your surrounding always keep you focused on what is coming next. You will hear scary and sudden sound effects in the game, so you have to be alert all the time. 

Various Maps and Stages:

Dead Target Mod APK features up to hundreds of different maps. The maps are beautiful yet spooky at the same time. You will gain a horror experience in the game with the surroundings.

You will have to complete hundreds of missions. Each mission will be more difficult than before as you progress, so it is highly recommended that you upgrade your weapons. The more difficult the mission, the higher the reward. You will get bonus rewards in the game for completing side milestones and killing special deadly zombies at a certain time.

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Free to Play: 

The game is still free to play and has these wonderful features. However, it will require you to purchase certain content of the game to buy money, for example, and to stop the advertisements. That is why we are here to provide you Dead Target mod apk in which you will get rid of frustrating ads and unlimited money forever and ever!

High-Quality 3D Atmosphere:

The game atmosphere is very incredible with the high-definition 3D graphics. It makes the surroundings realistic and scarier. Along with that, the weapon graphics are made with careful detail. You will feel a real-life horror-like experience in this game. 

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A Handful of Tips

We will provide you with a few tips here, which will help you complete missions and handle tasks in an easy way. Here are a few tips which we may come in handy:

  • Use your weapons the way they are designed if you are in a stage where zombies spawn closely and in large numbers. Then should use shotguns, as it is designed for close range and for killing multiple targets at the same time. If you are zombies from far away with a greater number, then assault rifles will be a perfect choice and vice versa. 
  • Make use of grenades, as they will help you eliminate a crowd of zombies sticking together.
  • Try to aim for the head, as it kills the zombie with one shot or delivers lethal damage. If you can’t aim for the head accurately, then aim for the chest instead. Because sometimes the head is bugged with the chest, and you still get credited for a headshot.
  • Collect agency information and other hidden packages to gain bonus rewards.

Installation Guidelines for PC:

  • Install Bluestacks 5, for example, as a mobile emulator for your PC.
  • Once you have launched the software, open the Media Manager application from the home screen.
  • Now click the “Import from Windows” option on the right tab, and select the file from your PC directory.
Dead Target Modded App
Dead Target Mod APK V-4.101.1 Unlimited Money/battle Pass 2023
  • Once the file is imported, open it and click on the install button.
  • The game is now installed! Enjoy!

Installation Guidelines for Android:

  • Download Dead Target Mod APK by tapping on the download button. 
  • Within a few seconds, the download will begin; meanwhile, you should enable installation from unknown sources in your settings.
Dead Target Modded Apk
Dead Target Mod APK V-4.101.1 Unlimited Money/battle Pass 2023
  • Upon completion of the download, open the .apk file by tapping it and choosing install.
  • A few minutes from now, the game will be installed. When it’s ready, you can start playing. 
  • Enjoy finally! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, the game is absolutely free to play forever with top-notch security.

The game is always offline; you can play anywhere at any time.

It takes above 119Mb of storage. It may be a little bit higher than an average action game with its unique feature it deserves it. The qualified android version is 5.0 or above.

No, it does not require any rooting. You just have to install it and play it.

All ads are totally removed. You will not see ads while you play the game.

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Final Verdict: 

It is possible to find no better zombie game than Dead Target MOD APK.Try out this game if you like FPS games in which you have to fight zombies. This game features dozens of authentic weapons and stunning maps with high-definition 3D graphics. It is constantly being updated, adding new features with every update. 

It fulfills all the requirements an action game should meet. That’s why you should be sure to download this game right away, so you don’t miss out on the fun going on there. Download it from our site for free!

Share this with your friends. If you have any questions regarding the game or if we need to make any improvements, please leave a comment on our website. Your feedback will be appreciated. Enjoy the game!