CarX Drift Racing Mod Apk v-1.16.2 Unlimited Money/Coins 2022

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CarX Drift Racing mod apk


GameCarX Drift Racing MOD APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Coins, Unlimited Gold
PublisherCarX Technologies, LLC
Version 1.16.2
Compatible with4.0
Last update2 days ago
PriceFree to Play
Google Play LinkCarX Drift Racing

Game Overview

Racing games have been popular since the dawn of video games, let alone android. The genre grew so faster that many game developers invested their money and effort into it. Now the time comes when the games are taking the trend on android as well. With very famous racing games like EA Real Racing, Asphalt Nitro, and Rebel Racing 3D, CarX Drift Racing mod apk joins the trend as well!

But unlike other racing games, the main point of Car X Drift Racing is all about drifting and steering! Players will undergo many difficult tracks and lousy tracks; these challenges will ignite the hype inside the players to better in overcoming difficult tracks and finally become the real master of cars.

Car X Drift Racing online mods
CarX Drift Racing Mod Apk v-1.16.2 Unlimited Money/Coins 2022

Welcome to CarX Drift Racing!

Plunge yourself into the intense drift racing wild stunts as you take part with others in this incredible car drifting game from the famous CarX Technologies, which is known for producing quality racing games for android for over a decade.

Select your desired car from the variation. Upgrade it to its maximum possibilities. Modify it according to your preferences. Get used to its grip like a professional. Get to know more about the Car X Drift Racing as you read our article till the end.

You probably have played Asphalt Nitro which happens to be the most played racing online game; inspired by that legendary game, in CarX Drift Racing latest modded version 2022, you will participate in a large drift racing multiplayer and improve yourself to become the most skilful drift racers of all time. As a newbie driver, you will fight your way from the bottom. Take part in different drift races competitions and contests to prove your mastery of the steer. Conquer the tracks as you win tournaments, and practice your drifting skills. 

CarX Drift Racing mod
CarX Drift Racing Mod Apk v-1.16.2 Unlimited Money/Coins 2022

CarX Drift Racing MOD APK Features:

You have probably felt in love with this game. Well, you are not the only one. Many people do and most of them often desire to unlock everything in the game. Yes, you guessed it right. CarX Drift Racing happymod is a modified version of the game, which lets you have everything that the game features, from Unlimted Coins to removing all in-app purchases and ads.

Unlimited Coins:

Download CarX Drift Racing Unlimited Coins to enjoy an infinite amount of coins within the palm of your hands that never reduces. In fact, it increases as you continue to buy and unlock every item possible in the game. Be it car customizing, upgrading the car’s handling, steering, or stacking turbo, do it without worrying about running out of coins!

Unlimited Gold:

Gold is the premium currency of CarX Drift Racing. It is used to unlock tracks, special advantages like turbos and supercars, and used for almost anything just more valuable than the coin itself. 

Other Mod Features Include:

  • Mod Menu
  • In-App Purchases Removed
  • Removed Ads
  • Easy and User-Friendly Interface

What exactly is CarX Drift Racing?

Car X Drift Racing is a racing game, but unlike casual racing games, the main focus is drifting like a pro and winning more scores than other players. Players will choose their favorite car from a great variation and take them to participate in incredible tracks with millions of players online trying to tackle each other and prove their worth to the universe.

The game features one of the most attractive HD graphics that would melt the heart of any gamer within a second. Physically realistic car steering and handling, overly detailed tracks, real-life sound from the sports cars, and well-made smoke animations make this game the best drift racing game on the android platform.

The controls in the game are simple yet effective and optimized for the best drift racing experience for a gamer. Up to 15 realistic tracks that will offer nonstop fun and an active multiplayer competition that will always demand more practice and skills from you in order to tackle others and become the champion of CarX Drift Racing all cars unlocked 2022!

This game comes from the same creators of CarX Drift Racing 2, CarX Rally, and CarX Highway Racing and the alike of it. 

CarX Drift Racing Unlimited Coins
CarX Drift Racing Mod Apk v-1.16.2 Unlimited Money/Coins 2022

Various Types of Automobiles Available to be Played:

CarX Drift Racing cheat apk features more than 50 different kinds of automobile vehicles for racers who can select their desired car among the variation. The cars are made based on real-world by different automobile companies like BMW, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota Supra, and a lot more!

With its realistic graphics, every car’s physical appearance looks realistic enough for a mobile racing game. It offers players the most actual experience as if the players are handling the sports car in their real life.

Apart from the cars being unique from one another in terms of appearance, speed, sound, and steering, players can modify car appearance based on their preferences or however they like with the given possibilities in the game. Modify the bumper, install a new bonnet hood, add roofs, edit window stickers, and everything in between!

If you love similar drifting games, you should refer to “Rally Race Mod APK” another interesting game with realistic graphics and car handling physics!

Car X Drift Racing MOD APK
CarX Drift Racing Mod Apk v-1.16.2 Unlimited Money/Coins 2022

This Game Is Simple Yet Full of Interesting Undiscovered Racing Experience:

As the game CarX Drift Racing commences, the players will have to select from two modes available to be played: Singleplayer game mode and multiplayer game mode. Rather self-explanatory, CarX Drift Racing’s single-player game mode gives players the ability to play with AI and bots and beat the scripted users in harder ways. While in the multiplayer game mode, players will freely play against real players on real-time car racing tracks.

In single-player game mode, players will progress in the career mode, unlock new cars, and get the chance to ride and drift in many different drifting zones. In the multiplayer game mode: players will have the opportunity to play with zillions of players across the globe and beat everyone to prove themselves as the best of all. The multiplayer game mode further varies into time attack and casual drift racing game mode.

The Ultimate Drift Racing With Simple Incredible Features:  

The drill in CarX Drift Racing MOD APK ios is simple; players manipulate the car steering to land a great drift on the track. There are countless possibilities with simple controls in the game, players moving right to the left, left to right, holding the handbrake and releasing it at the right moment, and a lot more countless possibilities for the players to take advantage of and gain the highest drifting score than their counterparts. 

The tracks, unlike casual racing games, are not usually straight; there is always curves or even extreme turns; drift racers must overcome all of these and prove themselves as master of the drifting tracks. There are hurdles and barriers that will halt your scores as you hit them and lose your momentum. Avoid and dodge all sources of barriers to win the game smoothly with higher scores!

CarX Drift Racing hack apk
CarX Drift Racing Mod Apk v-1.16.2 Unlimited Money/Coins 2022

Why Should You Install CarX Drift Racing?

CarX Drift Racing hack apk installer comes from the creator of many quality racing games companies famously known as CarX Technologies, which is a Russian-based racing game studio. With over 300 Millions or more downloads, the game has placed itself in the hearts of many races and especially drift racers! If you are an avid race lover who wants to jump into the drift racing game and enjoy the new yet exhilarating experience of drift racing, then go ahead and download it right now!

Tips for CarX Drift Racing:

  • Tweak your settings based on your preferences. There is even an option to change the view of your camera to get the best sight of your car. There is FPS mode, which will let you see the inside of the car and drive like a real-life racer. Choose whichever you feel more easy and comfortable to win more games.
  • Never take turns earlier. Always do when you are near a curved line, release your acceleration if the turn is extreme, press and hold the button of the handbrake, and dont release until you take the turn. But don’t hold it forever your will crash into an obstacle.

Installation Guidelines for PC:

  1. Install Bluestacks 4, for example, as a mobile emulator for your PC.
  2. From the home screen, click on the three dots that indicate installation options.
  3. Then click the ‘install apk’ button.
  4. This will prompt you to open the .apk file you’ve just downloaded.
  5. After you open the .apk file, you can install the game and enjoy it!

Installation Guidelines for Android:

  1. Download CarX Drift Racing mod apk unlimited money/gems 2022 file by tapping on the download button. 
  2. The download will begin within a few seconds; meanwhile, you should enable installation from unknown sources in your settings.
  3. Upon completion of the download, open the .apk file by tapping it and choosing install.
  4. A few minutes from now, the game will be installed. When it’s ready, you can start playing. 
  5. Enjoy finally! 


Indeed it is. All the features above escalated leaves no room for doubt about its quality and enjoyment!

If you are a beginner, particularly in the field of drifting, then you should go for Nissan Skyline!

You can play the multiplayer game mode online and beat your friends or other players in time attack game mode!

Wrapping it Up:

If you want to enjoy a true drifting racing game, Car X Drift Racing MOD APK remains your only and best option to enjoy a realistic drift racing game on your android. With realistic graphics for a drifting game, realistic physical appearances, steering, and animations such as smokes and turbo sounds make it an attractive game for any type of race lover. It is one of those games that are rare and hard to find, such quality racing games among the others.

Let your friends know about this game. Feel free to leave us a comment on the game if you have any questions and if you think anything has to be improved. We would appreciate your feedback. Have fun playing!

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