BitLife Mod Apk v-3.2.12 Bitizenship/Godmode 2022

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bitlife mod apk


GameBitLife mod apk
PublisherCandywriter, LLC
Compatible with4.4 and above
Last update2 days ago
PriceFree to Play
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Game Overview

Did you know what a life you would have been through if you had made choices that suited you? What will happen if you study harder, take more risks, or take no chances at all? We have a time machine that will tell you, and that is BitLife mod apk! It lets you know what your life will be if you make different choices. 

bitlife simulator mod apk
BitLife Mod Apk v-3.2.12 Bitizenship/Godmode 2022

The game is popularly renowned for its realism and gameplay having 10 million installations with a majority of positive reviews that speaks volumes of its quality. It tends to be the best life-simulator game on android so far. There are countless options in the game that give you the freedom to live a life of your own based on the choices you make.

BitLife MOD APK Features:

The game itself is very simple to understand and entertain; however, the players actually limited to special features of the game. It will cost you real money to enjoy the game without any limits. However, we provide BitLife apk that lets you enjoy the game without payment. 

Get to know the features of the modified version below:


Bitizenship is basically the VIP membership a player can have. With bitizenship, you will have everything unlocked in the game. You will enjoy the game at its fullest without any limits. You can make all types of choices, choose whatever and wherever you want to play.


Godmode in the modified version is immunity and immortality. You are basically mortal to death, so you can die anytime in the game; if you are sick or ill, or you are in jail, there will be a high chance of your departure. That is why godmode is required to play the game successfully. You will be immune to illness and damage, so you become immortal to death and enjoy them till the end without losing your character.

What is BitLife – Life Simulator?

BitLife Simulator latest modded version 2022 ios, lets you choose whatever you desire to spend your time on. If you desire to study, then you can do it. You want to try out new hobbies, date chicks, marry your love, have children, or just enter the darker side as a criminal. The game lets you do it! Choose whichever path you want but know that there will be consequences based on the choices you make. Your choices, if chosen smartly, can lead to a happy life, but if you just choose the other side, you will enjoy the game from a different perspective.

It’s up to you how you play. However, you want. criminal or innocent, choose your way. There are no limitations. You can choose to be smart and clever or just be a nice guy while the people loot you. You can cleverly marry a rich businessman whose death is nigh, so you take your chance and make the old fart fall in love with you so when he goes to the dead, you inherit the wealth he accumulated his whole life. So it is evident how exciting this game can be when you explore all of its features, such as:

bitlife mod
BitLife Mod Apk v-3.2.12 Bitizenship/Godmode 2022

Starting Your Life as Newborn Baby:

In BitLife mod apk bitzenship/godmode 2022, the game will begin as you choose your gender. You will enter the world as a newborn baby to a middle-class family. You will be provided with details about your lineage and family. You will know your relatives and friends. There will be statistics of people to inform you how happy or angry people are with you and whether you are doing good or bad. 

As a newborn baby, you will be curious to make choices, and the choices will be rather easier at the start than in the later stages. However, choices made in infancy and childhood stage play a magnificent role in your upcoming ages. If you choose the right hobbies for your life, you will get to choose based on your personality, achievements, and hobbies.

Realizing How the World Works:

In BitLife mod menu, you create your life based on your choices. But you must know that each time you make a choice, it will have consequences that will be either good or bad depending on what choices you are making. For example, there will be times when you are still a child, and your mother will take you to get vaccinated, but you can either choose to obey or disobey your mother. If you obey your mother, then your mother will have a good opinion of you; however, if you do the opposite, your mother will become upset with you as a consequence of the choice you make.

When you hit the age of 6, you can choose to study in school as a student, familiarize yourself with the teachers and make new friends in school. After school, you will have options to join either club, go the church, give to charities, etc. The game is designed to suit peoples’ preferences which are why there are tons of options each time you make a choice.

You make friends. Who will remain with you to the end and who will betray you will be obvious. You will know how smartly you should make choices in your upcoming ages.

bitlife unlocked bitizenship
BitLife Mod Apk v-3.2.12 Bitizenship/Godmode 2022

Acknowledging the Good and the Bad:

Just like in real life, in Bitlife Mod apk unlimited money/boss mode, you will also realize as you grow how important it is to know the difference between bad and good. You will know how the world goes on. As you keep making choices, you will know what is better for your character and what will hurt him. Sometimes you have to make choices to hurt your character for a temporary moment but have an everlasting happy future. For example, sometimes you will have to take daring risks in order to secure a better future for yourself and your family, which includes fighting bad people or fighting against your bad habits.

You will also know that appearance is not everything. It merely or does not affect your future at all. So you will have to stop caring about what people think and do whatever secures a better place for you in the future.

In BitLife mod apk free time machine, you will acknowledge the darker side of the world. You can also choose to be a rebellious criminal or a defender of the good as you study harder and join the military. Although you will be rewarded for whatever choices you make, if you want to score higher, then you will have to make a better life in this game and live longer. So if you play as a criminal, your chances of living longer are less than a simple and wealthy man who earns his money legitimately. So are you old enough to know what is good and what is bad for you and for your family? That depends on the choices you make!

Managing Your Finance, Choosing the Best for You and Your Family:

Besides knowing bad or going to school, in BitLife mod apk unlimited money, you will also learn how important money is. You will have to learn how you will corporate with it. You must know how to learn and increase your revenue. It is also important to buy your own house, start your business manage your finances, and avoid a financial crisis that may outdo your life. There will be many options for money and how you will increase, manage, and corporate with it. You will have greedy workers in your business or lazy ones. It won’t be easy.

When you make enough money, you will attract many greedy people that will try to win your heart and consciousness. You will have to make your choices smartly. There will be greedy girls who want to lay with you for a night and devour your whole-life wealth for themselves. There will be fights between your children for inheritance. You will have to use your intelligence, make your choices and do what is best for you and your children in BitLife apk.

bitlife hacked apk
BitLife Mod Apk v-3.2.12 Bitizenship/Godmode 2022

Tips for Playing BitLife Simulator:

There will be tips for newcomers to any game. The same goes with this game, as there will be many times players will be confused about making choices, so here are some tips for you to have a better start in the game and die peacefully without making anyone upset with you!

  • One thing is undeniable, and how hard and boring it may sound, it is mandatory, and that is studying! Studying plays a major factor in you know how the world works, how you will get a quality job, and how you will make good choices. If you study harder, choices will be easier for you to make since you will be an intelligent person. There will be the option for studying harder every new year in the game, which is highly recommended for every newcomer in BitLife hack apk.
  • Don’t be a miserable person. Socialize yourself with others, interact and have a good time with other people. You may even contradict some people, but that is how you will learn. You can choose to assault them or agree to disagree with having no hard feelings for both sides. You may fight your siblings over inheritance, but you have to do it smartly without getting violent to have a happy and helpful family.
  • Always keep your parents happy with yourself. If your parents are not happy with you, they may love your siblings more than you and give them inheritance instead of you. If you disobey your parents, they will not value your opinion, so you know how important it is to keep your parents happy. If your parents are satisfied with you, you will be in a good school, have a good part in the inheritance as well as they will help you with your problems and solve them for your sake.

Installation Guidelines for PC:

  1. Install Bluestacks 4, for example, as a mobile emulator for your PC.
  2. From the home screen, click on the three dots that indicate installation options.
  3. Then click the ‘install apk’ button.
  4. This will prompt you to open the .apk file you’ve just downloaded.
  5. After you open the .apk file, you can install the game and enjoy it!

Installation Guidelines for Android:

  1. Download BitLife Mod apk bitzenship ios 2022 file by tapping on the download button. 
  2. The download will begin within a few seconds; meanwhile, you should enable installation from unknown sources in your settings.
  3. Upon completion of the download, open the .apk file by tapping it and choosing install.
  4. A few minutes from now, the game will be installed. When it’s ready, you can start playing. 
  5. Enjoy finally!

BitLife FAQs:

SA or Saudi Arabia is the best country, to begin with since there will be no income tax in this country.

Yes! You can be a bad person, protest against the government, or cheat other people and rob their wealth.

Parental consent is highly requested if the child (-16) wants to play the game. The game does not contain any gore graphics; however, there will be some choices that many children may find obnoxious.


BitLife mod apk overall is a great game. It sheds light on how life will be different if you have the chance to make choices that suits you without any limitations. The game is extremely similar to our real life, so the consequences of your choices are rather self-explanatory. 

It gives you a realistic experience of how life would be if you ever made a different choice on a certain occasion. It gives you the ability to choose your own path. You can be a good person, live a happy life, have a beautiful wife, good children, and a high income to satisfy your needs. This game is recommended for anyone that likes to know life beyond their grasp.

Let your friends know about this game. Feel free to leave us a comment on the game if you have any questions and if you think anything has to be improved. We would appreciate your feedback. Have fun playing!

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