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Top 10 Best Simulation Games for Android to Play in 2023!

Do you love simulation games too much? If so here is the list of the top ten best simulation games for android that you should play in 2022!

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The simulation category is such a large and diverse category that it covers almost every type of game, including car driving, kingdom building, and managing, business tycoons, and many more! Zillions of gamers are fond of simulation games because they simulate our real world into virtual reality, allowing us to experience things we love to do virtually and feel realistic while doing so!

Simulators involve an extensive range of elements, which makes them challenging and exciting to play for many. Almost anything can be simulated with the advanced technology available; the simulation genre consists of many subcategories, including flight simulators, life simulators, car simulators, animal simulators, sports simulators, farming simulators, and much more. 

If you want to know the best vehicle simulation games for android 2023 offline free download, then you better read this topic until the end to find out which will fulfill your desire! If you are a fan of simulation games, it is easy to get confused between them. When you have so many games to choose from, it becomes difficult to decide which one to play and which one to ignore.

Here we have figured out the Top 10 free-to-play simulation games for android in 2023:

Top Ten Best Simulation Games for Android to Play in 2023:

  • Euro Truck Driver
  • Car Parking Multiplayer
  • The Sims Mobile
  • BitLife
  • Spaceflight Simulator
  • WorldBox
  • Dragon City
  • SimCity BuildIt
  • Fallout Shelter
  • Plague Inc

10. Euro Truck Driver:

Another best truck driving simulator game for android specifically focused on giving the players an authentic truck driving experience. The game allows you to control the truck entirely, from turning its indicators to windshield cleaners and listening to epic live radio streams while on your way to the destination! Euro Truck Driver lets you have a realistic truck driving experience with many driving and customization options in the game. You can change the truck’s color, apply stickers, change its tires, and whatnot!

The game brings more challenges as you complete the missions. In this game, you will play the role of a truck driver that will slowly build a truck company that delivers goods from one place to another and earns money! You can later hire workers to work for your company and earn double and eventually make your company the biggest truck company in the world! 

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9. Car Parking Multiplayer:

The popular parking genre is given a new twist in Car Parking Multiplayer. As in classic representatives of the genre, you have to complete different tasks based on two different mechanics. The game offers a completely open world where you can move freely, along with an extensive multiplayer mode that supports more than hundreds of players in a single massive world. You trade and buy licensed vehicles in the game. 

Give the cars a unique look using customization options of applying, decals, vinyl, stickers, numbers, and many more! Moreover, you can play mini-missions and challenges, race with other players online, participate in events, and win exciting rewards!

car parking multiplayer

8. The Sims Mobile:

Create your sims in The Sims Mobile, create their personalities in a unique way, and detail their worlds like never before. Explore the lives of your Sims as they choose careers, party with their buddies, and even fall in love!

The Sims Mobile is a simulation game where you will create a world full of virtual AI characters whose life stories you will decide. You will be the master of their personality, characters, and career. Depending on your preferences, you can decide how your characters are going to develop. 

the sims mobile mod apk

You can make friends between them, make them fall in love with each other, or make them hate one another. What you want them to look like is up to you. This game is great as it will let you build everything from scratch, from building a small house to developing a great family. The game is even more vibrant thanks to its 3D graphics! 

Moreover, you can customize your sims anytime you want in the middle of the game; you can change their hairstyle, t-shirt, pants, trousers, and whatever you can imagine! You can also invite your real friends, socialize with them, and have a fun day!

7. BitLife:

BitLife – Life Simulator is an innovative simulator game for android that is based on just making choices. The game begins with an interactive story which will be your character’s. The choices you select will rule out the fate and future of your character’s personality and hereafter. You will have absolute control over the character’s choices. 

You must be very careful when you make choices as they will temporarily or permanently affect your character’s personality and future. You will lose the game once the character dies, so you have to choose wisely between the choices you are presented with.


The story mimics our everyday life, so it’s easier for you to decide what is good and what is bad for your character, but it does not, however, limit you from making your character what you want it to be! 

You will have the freedom to become either a saint-like person or side with the bad guys. You can be a decent citizen or a criminal; you can be an obedient child to your parents or horrify the teacher in the school! BitLife lets you live the way you desire, and none will stop you!

6. Spaceflight Simulator:

Ever dreamed of becoming an astronaut yet afraid of the mind-boggling knowledge it requires to become one? Then don’t worry, as Spaceflight Simulator is here to fade away your worries and turn your dreams virtually true!

Spaceflight Simulator is an exciting game based particularly on space rockets and traveling. This game’s dream of cosmo-lovers has finally become true as it allows you to build your rocket and explore the universe freely within your mobile phone!

spaceflight simulator

This game is a genius creation from the company known as “Stefo Mai Marojana” as it is very accurate to the rocket science of our real world, including the scale and size of the planets as well! This game’s natural and realistic physics are beyond its time as it befits accurately with the real physics laws. 

The best part of the game is you can explore the universe freely, dive deep into the “Unknown,” and discover whatever you may find. Earn money and build your rocket more efficiently. Discover new plants and explore the already discovered planets and moons such as Mercury, Venus, Mars, Moon, and the Moons of the planet Mars, such as Deimos and Phobos!

5. WorldBox:

WorldBox is a very creative game where you become the literal God of the world you create within your hands! You’ll love this game if you like worldbuilding and real-time strategy games! You can do whatever you want in the game, from building civilizations of different species, including men, elves, vampires, orcs, and zombies, to destroying them as you flare up the fight between them or just laying down your wrath with natural disasters!

The ultimate God simulation game is now for free! Enjoy creating the world of your dreams. Organize your world, populate it with different species, build different civilizations, create factions, decide their diplomacy, make them allies or turn them against each other, lead your world into chaos, and bring disasters and calamities of your likeness! You alone decide the fate of your world!


4. Dragon City:

Fairy dragons have always been the favorite mythical creatures of billions of people, even in ancient times. Such integrity and curiosity for the specific creatures have turned many game studios to create games based on Dragons. Dragon City is a simulation game based on dragons that is very popular.

Your dragon island will be under your control in this game. As a dragon herd owner, you will be responsible for upbringing your dragon herd. You will be able to farm resources to feed your dragons and breed different kinds of dragons to get a unique and rare fire-breathing dragon! 

dragon city

Moreover, you can also fight other dragon masters around the world and prove yourself as the most skilled one in the globe! You can unlock and upgrade your dragons to make them even more powerful.

Establish alliances with other players and fight other alliances and win exclusive rewards such as powerful dragons, dragons skins, and perks that will give your dragons a temporary boost! Dragon City will be the best choice if you love dragon-type games!

3. SimCity BuildIt:

SimCity BuildIt is a popular city-building simulation game where you take the role of a mayor and build your city from scratch. From the famous EA Games, SimCity BuildIt has proven to be one of the best simulation games of all time. The game has mesmerized millions of players over the world with its fascinating city-building system.

Players can build their city as they start from nothing and slowly turn into a large megapolis. Build all types of buildings, make your citizens happy as you keep the streets safer with police stations, let electricity and pure water flow into every house, and build hospitals, so the people don’t migrate to any other city for lack of medical facilities. 

Maintain the happiness of your citizens by doing whatever you can. Build parks and decorate your city to attract more tourists and earn a lot of money to build more buildings and expand your city slowly! SimCity is the best building simulation game you will find on android, which is completely free!

SimCity buildIt

2. Fallout Shelter:

Fallout Shelter is an underground simulation game where you will build your underground kingdom in a vault. You will be tasked with protecting the people inside the vault and providing them with all the necessities, including water, electricity, tools, and whatever they will require to survive and develop. 

You must protect your vault from invaders that are wandering all over the country. Build weapons and train soldiers to defend your home at all costs. Do not let your settlement suffer; keep them happy and their morale high. Upgrade their skills and put them to work. Do all you can do to grow and protect your vault.

Expand and decorate your vault and attract new refugees to join your campaign. If you are fond of games based on post-apocalypse, this is the game for you! Here you must survive utilizing all the given options and items in the game. For how long would you survive the overwhelming disaster? The jury is still out on that!

fallout shelter

1. Plague Inc:

Plague Inc is a highly addictive simulation mobile game. You will get the power to create an incurable disease that will obliterate mankind. Your task will be to create a virus and make it stronger with the DNA points you get from infecting people. 

The more people you infect, the more DNA points you get to make your virus stronger, unlocking many technologies and advancements for your virus to make it immensely difficult for the scientist to find the cure. However, if a scientist finds a cure for your virus or even a single human remains alive, you will lose the game, so make your moves wisely. 

plague inc

Do you have the capability to contaminate the world with the pathogen? Plague Inc. is a unique simulation game that requires high strategy and as well includes realistic simulation elements. An innovative game that’s flawlessly executed and designed specifically for touchscreens from Ndemic Creations.

The company focuses on the simulation and strategy genre producing innovative games and taking the simulation-strategy genre to a new level. It’s you vs. the whole world at war. Have you got the power to eliminate the entire human population in the game? Prove it!


The listed games will surely be worth your time! If you are really into simulation games, you will love playing these games! Simulation games come in diverse types that fall down into sub-categories such as strategy-simulation, RPG-simulation, casual simulation, racing-simulation, and many more! If you are confused about choosing which games from these amazing games mentioned above, then don’t worry. We will help you out!

If you are into car driving simulation, Euro Truck and Car Parking Multiplayer will be your companions. If you are more into fantasy and medieval, don’t think beyond WorldBox and Dragon City, for they are proven to be one of the best simulation games for android! Spaceflight Simulator, on the other hand, is a great game for astronauts and physics lovers who dream of exploring the universe for once in their life. 

If you love simulation-strategy games, then Plague Inc is the game you are looking for! Definitely one of the hardest games on Android! However, if you would like city-building simulation games, then SimCity and the Sims Mobile will be great choices for you!


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