best maps in ark survival evolved

Top 10 Best Maps in ARK Survival Evolved to Play in 2023!

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Looking for a perfect map in ARK Survival? We have compiled a list of the top ten best maps in ARK Survival Evolved that you must play in 2023!


Released in mid-2015, ARK Survival Evolved has become one of the best survival games of all time.

The Studio Wildcard’s release quickly gained popularity thanks to its unique and out-of-world innovative gameplay, where players spawn on an island set in the Mesozoic era but built-in with modern technology gadgets.

best maps in ark survival evolved
Top 10 Best Maps in ARK Survival Evolved to Play in 2023!

Over the course, the game has released tons of maps to keep its community excited and attached to the game, and it has been successful in the process.

Since there are tons of ARK maps including official ARK maps and unofficial (mod maps), and each one of them is built by heart and love, players often wonder which one they should try.

That’s why we have compiled a list of the top 10 best maps of ARK Survival Evolved below, in which you will find ARK maps ranked by difficulty, suitable for single players or more:

Top 10 Best ARK Survival Maps:

The Center :

Like any other free DLC map, The Center is a popular non-canonical ARK map for players.

Suitable for beginners, the map is actually quite fantastic, featuring various biomes, including the ocean, rainforests, lava, and more.

Thanks to its easy-to-play environment, there are not many challenges compared to other ARK maps, and usually considered the easiest map of all.

best map seeds for ark survival evolved
Top 10 Best Maps in ARK Survival Evolved to Play in 2023!

There are no weapons found in the game, only ten different artifacts. There are up to 116 creatures and fifteen event creatures. However, there are no unique characters to be found on the map so far.

If you are a beginner in ARK and want to learn the game’s basic skills, then The Center map is the best. It’s also one of the popular arenas for PvP battles!

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Valguero – Best ARK Map for Solo 2023:

The next ARK map, Valguero, is a relatively small one but has a diverse geography from beaches to forests to trenches. 

The map is famous for the mysterious Deinonychus dinosaur which is considered a very powerful boss. Defeating the beast is not a cup for everyone; therefore, it cannot be tamed. If there is any way to tame these monsters is by snatching their eggs and waiting till it hatches. 

They are loyal companions as friends but worse than the devil as enemies, so be careful when you hunt them. You might be the prey.

Best Ark map for single player
Top 10 Best Maps in ARK Survival Evolved to Play in 2023!

The map also features Aberration trench, which pretty much covers things found in Aberration map.

Even though the charming map contains much for a non-canon map, it has one of the most beautiful environments on the list, with beautiful nights of auroras and days saturated with colorful rainbows.

In spite of all of that, It is still easy to navigate almost everything solo, a wise choice for those who want to have fun in the game with moderate to minimum difficulty.

Crystal Isles – ARK Map with most Dinos 2023:

What happens when you combine ARK with the beautiful crystalized map? You get Crystal Isles!

Considered one of the best ARK maps and charming in the game Crystal Isles is also a popular map for those who want to ride the fantastic flying beast — Argentavis, who can be tamed and carry loads of weight without any problem.

It’s one of the largest maps spanning over 150 kilometers wide, covering different biomes and regions such as the Wyvern Trench, Emberfalls, Bloodfalls, and other famous spots.

best ark map for solo 2022
Top 10 Best Maps in ARK Survival Evolved to Play in 2023!

Players can easily tame beasts here, and rare resources are more abundant here. The huge size of the maps sometimes makes it a bit empty, but if you are with your friends, this can be one of the most interesting maps you will ever end up on!


Extinction makes a list only as the strangest yet one of the spine-chilling maps of ARK Survival, where players are isolated in a world that is close to the era of extinction of the beasts.

Released in late 2018, the ARK map quickly gained audiences thanks to its unique environment that is rarely found on other maps.

ark best map 2023
Top 10 Best Maps in ARK Survival Evolved to Play in 2023!

Players here will have to deal with 98 normal creatures, along with 18 corrupted creatures and 25 unique creatures. Apart from that, players can also find 20 event creatures as well. Players can also farm crystals on this map, allowing them to craft unique weapons to master the world.

Ragnarok – Best ARK Map for Single Player:

Another stunning ARK map from the list is Ragnarok! Just like the Center, Ragnarok is a free map and a non-canon map.

It’s a very popular choice among beginners and professionals likewise and is recognized as one of the best ARK survival maps. Thanks to its huge size, it has a bit of everything from other maps and contains creatures from both the Island and Scorched Earth map.

Players can have the opportunity to watch volcanoes erupt, lava flow, meteor fall, and aesthetic sunsets on the beaches. Moreover, players can explore the vastness of the map and find easter eggs in the game, such as Hot Springs, Vikings Boats, Sherks Hut, and Jat’s scattered face!

best ark map for pve
Top 10 Best Maps in ARK Survival Evolved to Play in 2023!

The map features 159 ordinary creatures combined with eight unique creatures and 19 event creatures. The unique creatures such as Griffin,

If you want to play an ARK survival map that is relatively easy and friendly, then Ragnarok is one of the best ARK map that you can get your hands on!

Scorched Earth:

Scorched Earth is considered one of the hardest ARK maps in the game. There’s no mystery that the harsh map explains it all.

Players are set on a deserted island with minimum resources available. There are only 49 ordinary creatures found on the map. In addition, there are also 18 special creatures and around 10 event creatures that spawn whenever an event is triggered.

ark maps ranked by difficulty
Top 10 Best Maps in ARK Survival Evolved to Play in 2023!

Even though it is relatively small map, the weather makes this map so challenging. Players must endure endless heat waves, sandstorms, and water scarcity. The water will eventually evaporate thanks to the scorching heat and unfriendly environment.

In Scorched Earth, players will suffer from low energy, extreme hunger, and thirst due to the less resources available.

This means they must be very careful and vigilant while roaming the world and consuming their vital survival resources, as any reckless move can cause death on this cruel map.

Oil is abundant in this map and also easy to farm.

Apart from that, Scorched Earth is definitely a map to play for those who consider themselves real challengers in ARK Survival Evolved.

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Aberration – Hardest ARK Map in 2023:

The Aberration map is the fan-favorite map of ARK Survival which is as challenging and scarier as its captivating.

The game weather conditions are no less than Scorched Earth, where players have to survive and endure various harsh situations such as radiation, poisons, fluids, unfriendly creatures, and beasts lurking down in the caves or up on the surface.

Players will also go through natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanoes, and rapidly changing seasons by day and night.

ARK map Fjordur
Top 10 Best Maps in ARK Survival Evolved to Play in 2023!

Moreover, the game follows a loophole in the atmosphere that has changed the environment, including the creatures, into a very unfriendly nature. Creatures will have more abilities which means they will be harder to defeat and tame.

If you want to take your survival instincts and polish your skills to a broader level, then Aberration is the best map you are looking for!

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The Island – ARK Best Map for Co Op:

The Island is the first ARK map players first spawn on. The map is generally suitable for beginners, which lets the player dive through every basic skill and learn it to be prepared for challenging maps like Scorched Earth and Aberration.

It has almost everything a beginner would need to learn and survive on other maps.

It has a decent number of creatures in the game, even Wyverns, to try your luck on as well.

Ark map with most dinos 2022
Top 10 Best Maps in ARK Survival Evolved to Play in 2023!

Furthermore, it covers a variety of biomes such as jungles, snows, and mountain ranges in the north and plain land in the south.

If you are new to ARK Survival and want to get prepared for larger maps, then playing The Island best map is a must!

ARK Survival Evolved Genesis Part 2:

Do you want to try something entirely different from the rest of the ARK maps here? In fact, if you want to enjoy almost a different game in ARK Survival, then you must play Genesis Part 2!

It’s the second installment to the out-of-world Genesis Part 1, where the player is built-in with advanced technological gadgets and abilities not found in other maps.

It’s by far considered the best and most innovative map of ARK survival thanks to its unique features such as “R” and mission creatures which are very rare in the game.

ARK best map for co op
Top 10 Best Maps in ARK Survival Evolved to Play in 2023!

In addition to that, it also adds 12 unique,136 normals and event creatures to the game.

There are interesting regions that you can find in the game, such as Eden Zone, Corrupted Garden, and the Void. Each region has unique and “R” creatures found in them, along with fantastical spots such as Bleak Hills, Bloodhorn Mountains, Space Bridge, and many more.

This is the best map for those who want to showcase their skills in an entirely new and challenging map with endless funs and adventures!

The Lost Island – The Best ARK Map for PvE:

Are you looking to play all of the incredible maps such as Scorched Earth, Ragnarok, Genesis, and others in one gigantic ARK map? Then you get the Lost Island!

Previously it was a mod map, then later recognized officially as a DLC map. The interesting part about this map is that it was created by a community poll from creatures to regions. 

Everything found in the Lost Island is entirely chosen by the players, which makes it a very popular choice among veteran ARK survivors.

ark survival evolved mod apk
Top 10 Best Maps in ARK Survival Evolved to Play in 2023!

The ARK map contains almost every geographical region from every map in the game, from prehistoric ice and deserts to tropical rainforests and technological sites. It has everything covering a vast explorable land of up to 150 kilometers!

Whether you want to have a challenging PvP or PvE map or want to have fun on the best map in the game, then you will not find any better than the Lost Island!


ARK Survival Evolved is a renowned action RPG and survivor game where players will emerge into almost an alienated universe combined with futuristic technology and prehistoric environments.

Players will start from scratch, collect materials, and build their bases. Survive through various forms of dangers, battle, and tame creatures, raid other players, or defend their bases.

Additionally, there are tons of ARK Survival Maps, and above, we have listed down the top 10 best maps that are very popular in the game.

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Let your friends know about this game. Feel free to comment on the game if you have any questions or think anything has to be improved. Have fun playing!


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