ARK Survival Evolved Mobile|ios and Android 2023!

The realm of ARK Survival Evolved is an interesting place where you will strive to co-exist with diverse prehistoric animals, especially dinosaurs and other reptiles. You are stranded only with an artifact built within your arm. 

Your only aim now remains to survive in this cruel and ruthless environment filled with innumerable dangers while gradually building your ground and foundation as you construct your base, build defenses, and set out to explore the rest of the world to find rare items to help you survive in the wilderness.

ark survival mobile
ARK Survival Evolved Mobile|ios and Android 2023!

In the same way as many open-world survival games, except that you might not last a minute if you somehow mess with a velociraptor if you are too unfortunate to spawn in a dangerous area.

The world of ARK contains a massive sandbox map with different biomes, numerous species of reptiles and sea creatures, and some technological myths that are not supposed to be in prehistory. If you ever dreamt of playing a game filled with dinosaurs and other large animals, then Studio Wildcard has given you your dreams, where you can play the game with your mobile phone, which you carry everywhere!

While playing ARK Survival Evolved Mobile, you may undergo an authentic experience of being plunged into a relatively large world and having the ability to control many things in the game as you progress. Although the map is not as big as the PC version, it’s a lot more for a mobile title where you can still play with other players in real-time in a large sandbox map!

The PC version is not free, but that’s not the same as the mobile version; you can actually play Ark Survival Evolved Mobile for free forever on your mobile! 

Although it’s your wish to purchase the Primal Pass to access a large number of perks and boosts in-game as well as get rid of ads. Although the portation from PC to mobile has caused some drawbacks, it still tops the list of the best survival games on Mobile.

The Gameplay Progress:

The Beginning:

The game’s progression continues via the quest system and is pretty similar to the PC version, simple and straightforward. The game gets complicated as you unlock many items and access various weapons and tools. The game does it well by teaching you all the mechanics step by step so that you will get used to all of the mechanics of the game without any problem.

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ARK Survival Evolved Mobile|ios and Android 2023!

The game begins with you being stranded on a tropical island, where the first goal should be finding food and water, as it’s the necessary means for survival. Since you have just started, you will go for the plants and berries you will find around the map and start eating them to fill your appetite. 

You can then punch some skinny trees to break some wood and gather to create a stone axe combined with a stone and a fiber to help you gather resources more efficiently. You can make a campfire and sleep for the first night, restore your energy, and prepare yourself for the next day.

As you continue to progress, you will get better at collecting and making tools, as well as creating weapons to defend yourself from the dangers of the wild. Make yourself clothes to survive the heat and cold, and build yourself a shelter to keep yourself protected within the walls while you sleep.

Venture Through the Mythical World:

If you feel that your basic needs are now easy, you will feel the curiosity to explore the world and know more about it, and eventually become its master. Therefore, you will find many quests and challenges which you can complete to unveil the secrets and myths of the world. Learn how to defend yourself from the overwhelming beasts or tame them as your pets!

Be careful when you are closer to wild mammals, as they can be aggressive, clever, and ravenous. Some may even contain poison that will eventually paralyze or kill your character. Like in other survival games, you will lose the items you were carrying and spawn next to your base if you had built any.

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ARK Survival Evolved Mobile|ios and Android 2023!

Build Your Base and Establish Your Alliance:

In Ark Survival Evolved Mobile requirements, you will spend most of your time gathering and collecting resources and filling the requirements of crafting new tools and items. You will also collect different materials to build your base, so be prepared to load numerous stones and cut down a bulk of trees, as you will need more materials to make your house, depending on how large you want it to be!

The best thing about houses is that you can store your items, protecting them from losing upon death. You must be careful, however, as other players might break into your house and steal your resources. So it’s better to keep your house door locked and make it strong enough so other players will not think of raiding your place!

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ARK Survival Evolved Mobile|ios and Android 2023!

The game is not really hard if you know what you are doing. The materials and resources respawn pretty quickly after they have been picked up. It will be smarter to build the base near a water source as you will get thirsty over time and where you will find trees as well other basic resources that you will often need. 

Then you will meet new players in the game, the same as you are struggling to survive. You can make them friends and collaborate in everything, whether collecting resources, fighting and taming beasts, or repelling other enemy players who want to snatch your hard work from you and store it for themselves.

Is it Worth it?

Ark Survival Evolved Mobile is one of the greatest achievements for the developers, Studio Wildcard, who ported the game from PC to mobile with almost every feature that can be enjoyed both on the PC and as well as in mobile. Despite some limitations, they are not too bad.

It’s rather evident that this game is not as huge as the PC one with ultra HD graphics and whatnot, but still, with various amount of things to do and explore, the game will certainly assure its players many joyful hours! 

Players will be able to craft rare tools and artifacts, build bases, pet the beasts in a huge massive sandbox world, and complete challenges and quests to unlock more items and weapons. Meet new players and make friends or foes. Defend your base and raid other players!